The Best Shopify Theme Blocks Apps For Creating Landing Pages

Hura Product Showcase Builder

Using a Shopify Themes Blocks app is a way easily that makes it easy to create your own landing pages. After installing this app, you find the theme you want and then click on Customize and start building your own landing page. They offer a wide range of sections, blocks, and widgets. You only need to choose and add them to your current page.

Here is the list of the best Shopify theme blocks apps for creating landing pages in 2024:

1. Hura Theme Blocks

Hura Theme Blocks has a number of app blocks that you can use to make beautiful layouts in your Online Store 2.0 theme. The following App Blocks are available in the app right now: Custom HTML, Custom Liquid, Tabs, Scrolling Text, Video Background, Gap, Heading, Timeline (Roadmap), FAQs… and more will be added in the future.


2. Theme Blocks Plus

Theme Blocks Plus provides several app blocks that you can use in your Online Store 2.0 theme to create beautiful layouts. The app currently provides the following App Blocks and more will be implemented in the future:

  • Hero Slider
  • Video: Supports Youtube, Vimeo, and MP4 videos
  • Map: Integrate Google Maps directly into your online store
  • Tabs: Create custom tabs sections for your FAQ, Product details…
  • Spacer: Tune vertical whitespace in your theme by adding spacers
  • Social Links: Add your social media profile links
  • Page-Popup Button: Handy for creating Size charts or loading any page in a seamless popup
  • Image Banners: Add image banners to your theme to create beautiful layouts.


3. Posstack Easy Content Builder

Easy Content Builder lets you create pages with rich content on Shopify. You can build descriptive and effective pages for each product – instead of using the default template with plain description text. Stellar product pages allow you to get more conversions and sales. It also enables you to create a catchy About Us page, engaging blog posts, or any Shopify pages you need. With pre-built layouts & content blocks, you can mix and test out multiple layouts to see what works best, crazy-fast!


Hura Theme Blocks

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