The best Shopify apps help to replace Add to Cart button with external affiliate links

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Regular products on Shopify can be converted to affiliate products by replacing the “Add to Cart” button with a link button that redirects the user to the affiliate product page. An example of this would be a product that you link to on Amazon and you receive a commission when your user purchases after clicking that link. They are a great way to make some extra income on your site.

These are best Shopify apps help connect your products to external affiliate links.

  1. Affiliate External Outlinks
  2. Quicklink
  3. Affiliatify ‑ External Links


This app enables Shopify stores to set up links to external / affiliate products.

Outlink allows you to specify an external URL for any product on your store. This will be the affiliate link that leads the customer directly to the outside site. You can enable/disable the external link anytime with a click of a button.

You can also specify the text to be displayed on the external link button. So you are not confusing or surprising your customers, you can have the button say something like “Buy On eBay”. That way they know what is going to happen and you are not misleading them.

With Outlink you can add one affiliate product or create an entire affiliate site with thousands of products. You can also sell digital products – apps, music, files, data, software, services, coupons, etc.


Quicklink helps you easily connect your products with external / affiliate links. Quicklink provides another way to monetize your store traffic. If you’re running a Shopify business, you might want to convert some of your products to affiliate products. The process of doing that might be time consuming and error prone. Let Quicklink do the work for you!

Turn your “Add To Cart” button on the product pages to an affiliate link. When your customer clicks on it, they will be redirected to the affiliate landing page. You would receive your commission once they order the affiliate product.


  • Support any affiliate programs: Your customer will be redirected to links from any of your affiliate programs, including but not limited to, Amazon affiliate program, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc.
  • Earn all your commission: Quicklink will use the link you input for redirection, no intermediate redirect.
  • Simple User Interface: With easy to use user interface, it could help you manage the products faster and easier.


Affiliatify allows you to replace your “Add To Cart” button by external link that links to external product or external affiliate offers.

It’s extremely easy. Install the app first. On the main page, find the product you want to link externally. Click Setup or Edit, then fill out the external/affiliate link and Enter the text you want to use for the button. Turn the switcher ON/OFF to activate/deactivate the button for that product. Save settings.

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