Top 5+ Best Shopify Gift Wrapper Apps

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During holiday seasons, adding gift wrapping option is needed for the products in your Shopify store. This is because shoppers will have a delightful gift buying experience and on top of that it also helps you as the store owner to maintain a good customer service – which leads to customer loyalty. But by default Shopify doesn’t come with a gift wrap feature.

If you’re more technical, you may want to add this feature manually. If you consider yourself non-technical, there are Shopify apps that help you.

These 5+ Shopify apps let your customers gift wrap their orders:

1. Zestard Gift Wrap


This app allows customers to select options to wrap gifts. To get started, install the app into your Shopify store. From there, you will be directed to set up your gift wrap settings, you can put Gift Message Note, Gift Wrap Title, Gift Wrap Price, Gift Wrap Description and Gift Wrap Image option. Now by just pasting short-code in cart page, you are ready to go.

2. Wrap It Smart


Wrap It Smart is the best solution for your e-commerce gift wrapping needs. This app is unique in that it allows the customer to separate their gifts into different groups, with distinct and fully customizable wrapping for each. This saves a ton of time and energy for you, the business owner when trying to make sense of how your customers want each product grouped and wrapped. Plus, the app has a bunch of other great features like cross-selling and gift box selling!

3. Gift Wrap Plus


Gift Wrap Plus app create a complete solution for gift wraps on Shopify stores.

  • Create Gift Wraps for All Store Products
  • Create Gift Wraps for choice of Collections Only
  • Create a Gift Wrap for specific Products Only
  • See Stats of your best performing gift wraps and other activities

Once you install there are no code changes that you have to do manually, everything happens automatically and all you have to do is follow the live step guide to create your first gift wrap product. It automatically adds the gift wrap feature to your stores allowing you to create different price ranges for different gift wrap products. You can add a gift wrap on a product level, meaning you can define different prices for products that are different in sizes, which saves you money by letting you put a correct price instead of a general price for all sorts of products. In short, with Gift Wrap Plus you can add gift wraps to one product, many products specifically, collections or a specific collection or even the whole store itself. The main purpose here is to increase your sales with the extra option.

4. Gift Wrap ‑ Upsell Gift Wrap


This app has 2 options for you.

Option 1: Allow customers to add to cart a Gift Wrap service with a custom message.

  • Charge for the gift wrap service or offer it for free.
  • Change the names of all visible text for complete customization.
  • In page or Popup is available.
  • Offer the Gift Wrap service anywhere on the site by placing the snippet in your chosen location. (By default it is on the cart page.)

Option 2: Allow customers to indicate ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the question ‘Send as Gift’.

  • A simple way to offer customers a gifting service.
  • Change the names of all visible text for complete customization.
  • In page or Popup is available.
  • Works on cart page only (Not compatible with ajax cart drawers).

5. One Click Upsell


Gift Checkout enables you to offer all of the extra gift services and gift upsells on the cart page. The app’s ready-made features include:

  • Gift-wrapping – A gift wrapping service can make you cash. You can customize the charge for the upsells – flat fee or charge per item. This new feature can multiply your extra services sales.
  • Greeting cards – Add personal cards from purchasers to the gift box. Enable different levels of service to match your customer preferences (printed/hand-written etc).

6. Wrapin ‑ Gift Wrap


This app allows customers to select the gift wrap for their orders. Along with the surprise gift wrap feature, customers can send their greetings with a short message which helps to make it more pleasant.

Best features:

  • Charge for the gift wrap service or offer it for free.
  • Customers can add a Gift Message to each wrapped box.
  • Admin can change the labels of all visible text for complete customization.
  • Offer the Gift Wrap service on product and cart pages by placing the code snippet in your chosen location.
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