The best Shopify apps help to implement Google AMP in Shopify

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Based on Google’s latest research, more than 50% of search queries worldwide come from mobile devices. So making sure your Shopify store loads quickly and looks good for mobile search queries is a top priority. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will help you make this much easier.

In this article, I will suggest for you the best Shopify apps to help you implement Google AMP in Shopify.

1. AMP by Shop Sheriff


This app generates unique AMP pages for each of your products, and submits these new pages to Google for indexing.

When Google sees that you have AMP enabled, these pages will be prioritized in mobile search results, and are given a grey lightning bolt icon next to their search snippet.

Users will be directed to your blazing-fast AMP pages when accessed through a mobile search engine, and they will be directed to your regular pages everywhere else.

2. AMP by Ampify Me


AmpifyMe AMP is able to deliver awesome AMP experience to your users. With faster loading times, many retailers see higher conversions and higher engagement when using AMP.


  • Rich AMP editor with Shopify editor look and feel
  • Home page support
  • Products, Collection list, Collection details, Blog list, Blog post, Shopify Pages
  • AMP validations
  • Custom domain with CDN and 99.9% SLA
  • Integrations with most popular apps
  • Analytics
  • And any other feature Shopify theme editor has

3. G AMP


This app helps to create a new template for Google AMP. You can custom this template with the tool provided by the app.

4. FireAMP


FireAMP has made AMP easy by creating Google AMP pages for your Shopify store with just one click. Once you click on generate AMP pages, it will create AMP pages in your store’s “pages” folder. All the AMP pages will be there on your store only. Number of AMP pages created = Number of products on your store.

5. RocketAmp


RocketAmp will:

  • Increase your visibility in Search: AMP pages have a special lightening bolt icon (see the screenshots) that differentiate your products in Google search, making your page stand out.
  • Drive Conversion: We make sure that your customers quickly discover the products on your site meaning less time waiting and a faster time to purchase.
  • Automatically handle new and updated pages: All of your products and collections load instantly, without you needing to lift a finger.
  • Keep your site beautiful: We give you control over fonts and colors to help match your regular theme. (Note, full theme integration is not yet available).
  • Integrate with the apps you already use: RocketAmp already integrates with multiple third party apps on Shopify and if yours isn’t on the list, we can work with you to get it added.
  • Stay Social: RocketAmp can already handle image and social functionality like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We’re constantly building out functionality to add more optimized rich media like video, tracking and analytics.

6. AMP by Webkul


This app helps to AMP pages are created for the Home Page, Collection Pages, and the Product Pages for your store in minutes.

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