The Best Shopify Apps For Adding Voice To Your Page Content

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If you are looking for a feature to make your online store extremely unique and provide a great customer experience, the following apps will help you do it. These are apps that will automatically add a voice to every Page Content of your store. Your customers will receive all the information you want to convey without having to spend a lot of time reading, then they will be able to focus on the image, variations, reviews and the buying process will happen faster. Let’s refer to these great Shopify apps.

Here is a list of the best Shopify apps to add voice to your page content in 2024:

1. Speechify Voice & Search

It is an auditory tool that “speaks” every text present on the page and custom announcements such as what a product is and why it’s worth purchasing.

The shoppers are freed from reading the site content using the tool and can focus on viewing the specifications, product photos, variations, and reviews. In addition, this innovative text-to-speech functionality mimics human diction and follows a natural narrative pattern.


  • Custom Text Addition: Announce custom information on a per-page basis.
  • Read Content reader: The tool will read the existing information on the pages.
  • Append Product information: Additional information (other than existing info) can be appended before or after the product description speech.
  • Hide/ show page content: You have the flexibility to display or hide the specific page content when its audio is playing.
  • Multiple browser support: The playback is supported in both desktop and mobile browsers.


2. PHEBI Voice & Instant Search

This is an app that helps reduce bounce rates and sell more by voice-enabling your site. Phebi collapses the path to purchase and enables you to be a leader in today’s mobile-first, V-commerce era by making it easy for customers to instantly search your site using their voice or by typing, and to make purchases via voice. Customers can find exactly what they are looking for with near-frictionless voice queries like “men’s jeans size 36” or “pink lip gloss under $20.”


  • PROVIDE BETTER EXPERIENCES: Your customers already use voice in their daily lives and are starting to expect it to be an option everywhere. Phebi lets them search for, and even purchase, items from your site using only their voice. ​
  • BE FAST & ACCURATE: Phebi Search is instant. This means results populate as users type, without a page refresh. It is also stunningly accurate thanks to Phebi’s contextual language modeling and automatic site indexing. ​
  • IMPROVE ACCESSIBILITY: Open your site up to more customers, including the visually impaired, by adding voice.​
  • GAIN VALUABLE INSIGHTS: Access real-time, actionable data. The Phebi dashboard tracks and quantifies voice search terms, opening up a new window into shopper behavior.
  • This app works on English language sites, Apple iOS 11 or higher, Android 7.0 or higher, and all modern desktop browsers


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