The Best Shopify Apps For Scheduling Sales Prices On BFCM Season

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The time-limited special promotions such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday or the time-limited products such as event tickets or food for delivery always ask you to update the price of products in bulk and on time. If you need to schedule products to be published and removed from sale, or change prices, then why do it manually? It doesn’t matter because the Scheduling Sales Prices app will perform a miracle and do everything for you. Set a schedule and do whatever makes you happy – make a cup of tea, go on holiday, have a snooze, or do some other work. Let everything be automated so you can focus on the biggest sales season of the year.

Here is the list of the best Shopify Apps for scheduling sales prices on BFCM 2024:

1. Auto Schedule sales & products

Introducing Auto-Schedule, the simple product scheduler app that performs magic by scheduling product availability, price changes, and tags. Set, forget, relax and let our bulk scheduler do the hard work for you. Two apps rolled into one – schedule products to be published & unpublished AND schedule promotions, discounts, price changes… even price increases. Plus loads more. This app will improve efficiency, save time and be a hero by putting your store on autopilot. Tell them you were up at midnight adding products to your store for that special promotion when in reality, you had them scheduled to publish automatically.

Now you can schedule entire promotions in bulk like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Scheduling discounts, or even price increases.

With Auto-Schedule you can schedule:

  • Price reductions, promotions, discounts, daily deals, and even prices increases
  • When products should appear or be removed from your store
  • When tags should be added or removed from your store
  • When products should be completely deleted from your store 


2. Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

It’s the perfect app for creating a temporary sale, price increase, price decrease, or any other kind of price adjustment like time-limited special promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Setting up discount codes and changing product prices by hand is tedious and time-consuming. Bulk Price Editor/Price Change gives you a powerful toolset to automate these tasks and to spend more time on the important parts of running your business! Merchants love it because it saves them so much time.

Bulk Price Editor/Price Change is a Shopify App that can be used to easily change the price (and the compare price shown with a strike through it) of many products at the same time. It gives you the ability to pick out a group of products and perform a price increase, price decrease, temporary sale, and much more.

You can change:

  • Increase/decrease by a percentage (eg 10% price increase or 5% price drop)
  • Increase/decrease by a flat amount (eg $2.00 price decrease)
  • Set the price to a certain amount (eg make prices of all t-shirts $25.00)
  • Remove/add compare at prices
  • Change the price by its unit cost (eg set prices to be twice your unit cost)
  • Change prices according to a CSV file
  • Hand-pick the price for each individual product


3. Product Price Scheduler

No matter the size of your store, Shopify Price Scheduler can handle price changes at scale! Whether it’s 1 product or 10,000 products, your store’s performance will be completely unaffected. Scale with confidence by scheduling and editing thousands of products in minutes! Built and hosted on industry-leading technology platforms.

This app helps schedule product price changes for sales or promotions – Changes the price that customers see, unlike traditional discounts – Really fast. Besides that, it allows you to increase or decrease prices on specific products, collections, or all products – Processes hundreds of products every minute. Product Price Scheduler app uses industry-leading technology and infrastructure – Other apps struggle with server load, but Simon’s Simple Price Scheduler doesn’t.


4. EasySale: schedule sales price

Easy Sale is a great solution for simple sale price management and a convenient tool to schedule sales. While your competitors waste time on double price-changing before and after sales, you can do it just in minutes with our sale manager tool. It’s really important for short-term promotions and temporary holiday sales such as Mother’s Day or Black Friday. Change product sale prices in bulk and stop worrying about the need to revert them back to regular values on time. Smart tools allow merchants to keep all their sale prices under control with proper product discount management and sharp scheduling.


  • Update the sale prices of distinct products or collections and assign different sale rules to them.
  • Three product discount types for flexible price management: “Percentage discount” and “Fixed amount off” are great for the fast organizing of seasonal and holiday sales. The “Flat fee” product discount is suitable for goods with low stock or limited quantities.
  • Four scheduled sales modes enable optimal planning of your sell-outs or fast sale price updates. “Manual” mode allows merchants to change prices up and down in bulk just in a few clicks. The “Schedule discount“, “Repeat weekly, and “Repeat monthly” modes automate your price changes and the management of recurring or long-term product discounts.
  • There is no need to change prices one by one manually anymore. Stop tracking your sale’s end dates for well-timed reversions to regular prices. Easy Sale will automatically change the price according to the time frames and values you assign.


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