The Best Shopify Apps For Checking and Fixing Broken Links

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As we can see, having broken 404 links is very bad for your website search engine ranking. Not only will it be a bad customer experience for your customers, but it will also cause you to lose traffic or even sales. Moreover, if your website has many broken links or 404 pages means that your website is not performing well and Google might think that your store is abandoned. To solve this problem, these amazing Shopify apps will help you to do it.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for checking and fixing broken links in 2022:

1. Magic 404

Magic 404 is an app that helps reduce bounce rates and increase sales. Magic 404 will help you maintain your SEO ranking by automatically redirecting a broken link to any link you wish to redirect.


  • Auto-detect broken links
  • Fix broken links
  • Create your own redirect
  • Redirect to any URL
  • Live URL suggestions
  • Create your own redirect pattern using wildcard


2. Dr. Link Check

No one likes broken links. Clicking on a link only to be presented with “Error 404: Page not found” is just plain annoying and casts the whole website in a bad light.

With Dr. Link Check you can easily hunt down any non-working links on your site.


  • Link Crawler: Starting with your home page, the app crawls through the entire site and gives each link (including those to images, stylesheets, and other assets) a thorough examination.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: While the crawl is in progress, the Overview report provides a summary of what types of issues and links were found so far.
  • Scheduled Crawls and Notifications: After completing a crawl, you will get timely alerts whenever a link on your website breaks and needs fixing. Moreover, this app gives you the freedom to choose when and how often (monthly, biweekly, or weekly) you want your links to be checked.


3. Broken link 404/301 Redirect

404 error page will damage your search engine ranking. It will have a negative impact on the user experience not only losing your traffic but also sales. In order to solve your existing 404 dead links and prevent them from hurting your search engine ranking, detect any 404 pages in the future and earn back your lost sales. This app will help you do that.


  • Automatic Real-Time Detect 404 Error
  • Latest Update
  • Daily 404 Error Report
  • Bulk Edit 404 Errors
  • Automated 301 Redirect
  • Live Suggest Target URL from Your Site
  • Retain Traffic and Maintain Your SEO Ranking


4. 404 Link Monitor

Broken links affect any potential customer, whether new or existing by providing a bad user experience. Whenever a potential customer clicks on an old social-media post or some old link on the second page of Google and it takes them to nowhere because the page does not exist anymore, is a customer lost probably forever. Link Monitor helps you solve this issue and more than that, it can do it all by itself.


  • Scans your shop for both internal and external broken links
  • Monitors whenever a customer reaches a broken page and marks that link as broken
  • Generates fix suggestions based on the broken link path
  • Performs a full scan and repairs broken links each day
  • Email reports for scans and fixes
  • Perfect for any store of any size


5. Easy Redirects ‑ 301 & 404 SEO

This is tools let you resolve 404s with ease when crawling your site. Besides automatically finding and fixing 404 errors that damage your search engine ranking, it ensures your visitors don’t land on 404-page errors and leave your site to buy elsewhere.

Moreover, this app will bulk URL uploads making fixing 301 redirects quick and easy, whether you’re migrating between sites or updating products and pages.


  • Simple URL Redirects – redirect single broken links to active ones.
  • 404 Error Management – Automatic 404 tracking, error reports, and resolution
  • Redirect Patterns – redirect entire collections and categories in two steps
  • Bulk Upload – Import a spreadsheet of desired redirects
  • Analytics – tracking key metrics like redirect hits over time


6. Redirect ‑Full control 404/301

Redirect Controller presents a smart, streamlined approach to creating redirects in Shopify to fix 404/301 errors and all other errors with live suggestions as you type. With live suggestions, you can easily create redirects to similar pages, collections, or products on your store, without having to manually search for an appropriate replacement.

It tracks live 404/301 errors on your storefront, and admin actions are known to cause 404s such as product deletion, so you can quickly pick up on potential issues before they affect your search rankings.


7. Redirectify

Redirectify is a smart, streamlined approach to managing 301 redirects in Shopify. The app has focused on relevancy – to ensure your customers find what they’re looking for and automation – to minimize or even eliminate the manual work involved in setting up 301 redirects.


  • Identify problems quickly
  • Relevant redirects
  • Save time by automating your workflow


8. Repairer: 404/301 Seo Redirect

This is a Shopify app that helps automatically track and redirect your links from 404 to 301.


  • Fast – will not slow down your site
  • A few clicks – Quick and clear installations
  • Automatic redirect – Redirects all 404 to a valid page
  • 404 Statistics – Find out which are the most visited URL
  • Fix with 301 – Just click repair to create a 301 permanent redirect
  • Fully compatible with mobile devices
  • No code to know


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