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It’s very difficult for customers to remember their passwords and then you as a merchant can lose sales if users were not able to log in. But now, these great applications, allow users to log in with OTP (Passwordless login) received over their mobile number and never lose sales. Let’s refer to this article and choose an app that you think suitable for your store

Here is the list of the best OTP Login apps for Shopify in 2023:

1. 2FA ‑ OTP login

miniOrange provides your customers secure access to your Store with the help of OTP over their Phone number/email. Enhance the user experience over your store by prompting them to log in with OTP, and Google Authenticator, increase sales of your store and increase security.

miniOrange provides secured OTP Login with phone number Verification, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) / Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Adaptive MFA, Restricted IPs, and helps with Secure login to your Store (Plus or Non-Plus).


  • Inline Registration: Notify users on Desktop or Mobile to secure their accounts (Plus / Non-Plus stores) with two-factor authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), OTP Login, and Email verification by prompting configuration setup during user enrollment.
  • Prevent Account Sharing: Restricting users from sharing their login credentials with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and session management which helps to secure Plus / Non-Plus stores by preventing users from being logged in from multiple places at the same time. 


2. Login My Phone Number

Login My Phone Number App boosts your store’s registration rate and improves customer user experience. It works by offering a seamless registration and login method that can substitute the traditional method of email and password login. Here, the customer only needs to enter their phone number and an OTP will be sent via SMS to their mobile to verify the login.

It is a highly efficient app that not only helps decrease login time but also offers convenience to customers who often get frustrated in remembering difficult login credentials. Moreover, you also get customization options for the login section where you can hide the old registration form and change the color and text of the phone number login button.


  • Enable registration & login with a phone number
  • Option to hide old registration form on the login page
  • Customize the color and text of the phone login button
  • Customers can update their account information customize fields labels & text
  • Comes with Two-Factor Authentication 


3. Mobile ‑Email ‑ Whatsapp Login

No lengthy logins, you can enter the store with just an OTP on the phone, email, or WhatsApp. Customers can enter passwords only through OTP on their registered mobile numbers or email or WhatsApp. Moreover, On offering a one-time secure password to your customers, You have to verify customer numbers, Which reduces COD returns.


  • Registered users help you verify data about customers.
  • It is compatible with a lot of themes.
  • Prevents spam users from ordering.
  • It benefits sales and increases revenue.
  • Get customer verified numbers to retarget them for SMS marketing


4. NightOwl OTP Login

NightOwl OTP Login is an app that allows your eCommerce store users with hassle-free, one-step access to their respective accounts 24×7 365 Days. With this App, customers can register, log in, or authenticate with their mobile OTPs to get a seamless and fast experience.

This highly efficient mobile OTP login functionality can boost customer experience with easy signups. Gone are the days of email authentication and password sign-in! With a mobile number sign-in facility, your customers don’t have to worry about remembering the password and can easily sign up or sign in with their mobile numbers. This one-step authentication establishes a secure connection and takes privacy concerns into consideration.


  • Enable SMS OTP register/log in using a Mobile number
  • Easy app installation with ‘no-code’ configuration. Plug-n-play!
  • Allows easy registration with one-step authentication
  • No restrictions on the number of logins
  • Set Code Expiration Time limit up to 60 Minutes
  • Option to Enable resend code button on login/register page
  • Easy login with Registered Phone Numbers 


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