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Do you want an all-in-one application that facilitates your cash-on-delivery business? With these great COD order form apps, your customers don’t need to enter a lot of information on several pages that you don’t need because of your business model (COD); the application provides you with everything you need so that you can generate maximum leads and increase your conversion rate.

Here is the list of the best Shopify COD Order Form apps in 2024:

1. QuickForm ‑ COD Form & Upsells

QuickForm – COD Form & Upsells allows you to create a fully customizable 1-click order form for your Cash on Delivery (COD) orders so that you can collect orders quickly without the complicated steps of Shopify Checkout. Besides that, it also allows your customers to submit their COD orders in just 1 click and increasing your conversion rates and improving your customer experience.

QuickForm is perfect for a wide range of cases and fully adapts to your needs. You can use it for:

  • Simple Cash on Delivery orders (if you only want to collect the shipping address)
  • Complex Cash on Delivery orders (with shipping rates, discounts, and more)
  • Pre-orders and leads for your store
  • Orders with any other manual payment method
  • And more! 


2. LeadForm ‑ COD Form & Upsells

This is an app that helps your customers to place their orders in one click with an adapted and personalized form that will let you improve your conversion rate. The feature of this app will help you optimize and increase your sales, such as discounts, multi-pixels, fees and summary, and many other options.

Features and benefits: 

  • You have the choice between two types of order forms which are either the pop form or a direct form
  • Choose the fields you want to introduce in the form with the drag & drop option
  • Animation button: A more engaging product page will improve your conversion. Use animation and different styles to remind your patrons to make their purchases.
  • Sticky Banner: The “Buy It Now” button will always be visible at the bottom of the page, so you will never miss a lead.
  • Coupon code: Set up your coupon codes to encourage people to buy.


3. Leadify ‑ COD Order Form

If you are in the Cash On Delivery business or you are using an offline payment processor, and you need just to capture orders as quickly as possible, Leadify will help you to do that with just one click to enable the form on your store, and start capturing leads, no more complicated checkout steps.

Sometimes you are only interested in specific details from your customers, so you can just build a form with those details needed and you are good to go. The created form will be adapted to your theme feel & colors, so no worries about the design and the UI, but feel free to customize it according to your needs.

Some new extensions like: 

  • Upsell (You can upsell products + draft products)
  • Block Fake Order
  • Limit Quantity
  • Button Animation Advanced Facebook Multi Pixel


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