Shopify Theme Inspector – The Chrome extension helps to debug Shopify Liquid render performance

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Shopify has just introduced a new Chrome extension, that allows debug Shopify Liquid render performance. It’s called Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome.

Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome visualizes Liquid render profiling data, which gives you the means to triage the slowest parts of your Liquid templates.

Install Shopify Theme Inspector

Once you install this extension you should be able to sign in with your Shopify credentials and see a “Shopify” panel in Chrome DevTools.

This tool helps you visualize results as a flame graph which is readable and easy to understand.

You can examine the flame graph nodes to localize performance issues down to the exact file and line.

A handy code snippet link will open up the exact line of Liquid in your admin code editor so you can view and edit the code in context.

This is the perfect tool to accelerate your workflow while debugging Liquid performance.

Note: This extension will only work with shop staff accounts. It will not work with partner collaborator accounts.

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