6+ Best Free and Premium Shopify Social Auto Post Apps

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Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc..) outreach is one of the best ways to increase engagement and get more eyes on your content. However executing a successful outreach campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest at the same time can be difficult, tedious and frustrating.

Are you in search of some Best Free or Premium Shopify Social Auto Post Apps? Then, yes here you can find some amazing apps that you want.

These types of apps help you to post a blog entry and publish it on all your social media automatically. Not only that it helps to earn a high conversion rate, drive traffic to your site, and as well as boost your sales and revenue.

These are best free and premium Social Auto Post Apps for Shopify:

1. Facebook & Twitter Auto Post


This app is an easy to use social media auto-poster, which takes just two minutes to set up. If you need to publish your offers and products to your Facebook & Twitter feeds (Pinterest is coming soon) on a daily basis, your social media management is about to get much easier!

This app helps to connect your social media accounts and set up the system is a breeze. Before publishing the auto-post campaign, you will see a real-life preview of what the actual post would look like so you can approve it and have complete control over your social media feed.

This ap does not interfere with your existing social media strategy. It integrates with your current process and simply lets you add scheduled product posts automatically to your social media feed.

You can schedule your posts at specific times during the day. For example, if you select “09:00,11:00”, a random product will be posted every day at 09:00 and at 11:00 hours. You will need to choose a Facebook page as the sending destination. You can add multiple collections from which random products are selected and posted.

You define the post template text, and you can set it with variables that are replaced with your product details as your posts are being sent out. Before approving each campaign, you’ll see a real-life preview of how your post will look like on your social media pages.

This app saves you lots of time and gives you the chance to work on other areas of your social media strategy.

2. Auto Post to Instagram, Fb, Tw


This app is the best way to automate social media and save time from managing it on a daily basis.

After you sign up, the app would import all your products with photos, description and link. This may take between 1 to 10 minutes depending on the number of products in your Shopify store. Then in one simple step, you can set up the app. Here is how:

Create “Daily Auto Post Campaigns” which specify as to how often do you want the app to post products on your social media. The rule specifies the days, timings along with other variables.

For example, here is one auto post rule:

“Post One Product on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter from my “New Shoes” collection at 7:00 pm every day of the week”

You can also modify rules to suit your needs. You can choose:

  • Whether to Post New products first or select them at Random.
  • Post from a certain collection (Category) or Restrict Posting from a certain Category
  • Post Products with “Photos” or Post them as a “Link”
  • Post each SKU (variation) individually as a separate post. Like Red Color Shirt is published once and the Grey colored one later
  • Post zero quantity items or exclude them

The app would also put the caption on top of each post. You can add as many Caption formulas as you want to. The App would use them interchangeably so that it does not seem to be coming from a computer. So each post would have a slightly different caption. You can associate hashtags and captions with each collection as well.

It works with Facebook Pages & Groups, Twitter profiles, Instagram and LinkedIn.

3. Lotus · Social Auto‑Post


This app makes your life easier by automating some of your Twitter and Facebook work. It will automatically post to Twitter and Facebook information about new products that have been added to your store.

Every time you create a new product, a message gets posted to your Twitter and Facebook page letting your customers know that new cool products have been added to your shop. The process is fully automate.

4. Facebook & Twitter auto post


Facebook & Twitter auto post, the easy and convenient tool to auto-post social media on your social accounts that takes only a few minutes to compose a post and setup. If you regularly need to publish your feeds on your page or profile and do it manually on Facebook, and Twitter (Instagram and Pinterest are coming soon), the app is about to make it easier and automatically!

You’re able to connect your social media accounts and set up the app’s system at a glance.

You can schedule your posts at any specific time during a day. For example, you can compose your post with images or a link and select publishing time – 10:30 PM, the app will automatically publish your post on the time while you can take a rest or go to bed.

Before publishing your post, you will preview the post’s actual view on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, you totally control over your content feeds

You’re able to select multi Facebook pages or/and Twitter profile as the sending destinations. With this app, you can select any products from your shop for filling your composing content of the post.

5. Twitter Auto Posting


The app posts new products to your Twitter account.

There is no more need to add products manually to your Twitter account. This app helps to automate this process and offers you multiple options for posting. Tweet your products when scheduled instead of the actual time you add them to inventory – utilize the hours when customer activity is highest. Also, the app has the ability to post only a limited number of products and prepare several messages customers will see along with the products. In this case, each product will be posted with a different message, so it will look authentic. Along with the usual SEO benefits, this app allows you to show customers that you care about them, which contributes to their loyalty greatly.

6. Outfy ‑ Social Media Promotion


Outfy is the most productive app to greatly enhance Social Reach of your store – to pull more traffic & eventually increase sale of your products exponentially. It helps you to promote your products on as many as 12 social media networks, seamlessly reaching 1000s of potential customers with ease.

You can set your store on “Autopilot” to push your posts automatically. The app make them non-robotic with caption templates and hashtags. Outfy builds daily post schedule for you. And you can review it and change it if you want.

7. Autotweet


This service tweets a random listing from your shop according to your schedule. You receive a weekly report in your inbox indicating how much traffic was generated by your autotweets. In the settings panel, you are able to fine-tune hashtags, schedule, categories, analytics and more.

  • Drive traffic from social media to your shop
  • Fire-and-forget solution
  • Click analytics
  • Expertly crafted tweets with collage and custom hashtags
  • Multiple accounts

8. Autumn ‑ Social Auto‑Post


This app helps you auto-post your products on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It supports Twitter and Telegram natively. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all supported with Hootsuite.

Campaign Setup

  • Schedule: Select what time and day to post on.
  • Format: Select how your campaign going to look, specifying the number of product images and whether to show posters.
  • Templates: Create multiple templates to post the campaign with.
  • Discount: Enable discounts at the time of posting

9. Social Rabbit


Social Rabbit allows you to auto-post content from your Shopify store on your social media accounts.

Get your business in front of thousands of potential shoppers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram with this one easy-to-use app. Social Rabbit brings quality traffic to your website on these top four social media networks to expand your presence and up your profit.

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