Selling Out Of Stock Products Is Possible With KAD Pre‑order App

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Is your product still in production and you need time before you can ship it, but you don’t want to stop selling? KAD Pre‑order App can help you with that.

In two clicks, the “Sold Out” inactive button will be changed to the active “Pre-order” button and you can start selling pre-orders right away. You can set up pre-order for products or variants.

All pre-orders made by your customers will be displayed on the Dashboard, or you can simply find them among other orders using the “pre-order” tag.

These are the basics that will allow you to keep selling items that are out of stock. But is that enough?

What would make KAD Pre‑order truly a good app? The answer was obvious – first of all, it is easy to use and quick to set up, it also has many features that make it simple to work with pre-orders.

Let’s see what else this app got:

  • Three ways to inform your customers about pre-order and delivery terms: “Pre-order” button tooltip, mix cart notification, and email notification.
  • The collection pages should also indicate which products are pre-ordered. Here you can use pre-order badges and customize them perfectly to match your store’s theme.
  • The partial payment feature which can be set as a percentage of the original set price and according to user feedback works better than in similar apps.
  • The start and end of all pre-orders can be scheduled for the day you set.
  • Forget about additional application for translation, all pre-order texts can be translated in the settings.

You don’t need any additional coding to make the KAD Pre-order app work, it is automatically integrated into your theme when you install the app or change the theme in your store after installation.

One week PRO trial without charge approval, and, moreover, in case if you have not made a profit using our application within 3 months, the app developer will refund your money.

Give it a try!


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