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Did you know that the cart page is, on average, the 2nd most visited page of any eCommerce website? (The first being the homepage). Most Shopify store owners overlook their cart page and wonder why sales drop off or are minimal. It’s down to an under-optimised cart.

Kartify is the new App for Shopify which is optimizing cart pages and crushing conversions. You can’t afford not to use this. With Kartify, you can beautify your store’s cart page in minutes. You can add a beautiful banner, a promotional offer, a discount to incentivise, a cross-promotion, a cart message/notification, secure/trust badges and more!


Incentivise more sales

Optimizing your store’s cart page will not only give your sales a boost, it can also increase the average order total. Kartify can do this through promotional codes, cross-selling and trust seals.

A more visual cart.

Who said carts have to be boring? The customer journey is important and by having a well optimised cart, your potential customer is more likely to continue their journey. Kartify can add beautiful banners and styling.


Did you know a major contributing factor to lost sales is trust? If a customer has never heard of your store before, they may seek reassurance.

Kartify can display trust seals and badges on your cart page to help achieve this.

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