How To Solve Fitting Issue for Shopify Clothing Stores

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Many Shopify clothing stores are having the common problem, it is a customer’s fitting problem. Not only customers lack confidence to buy the product but also it makes approximately 30% returns which cost store owners time, money, and energy.

It’s difficult to get a perfect right size from the first-time online purchase. As an online retailer, we have to understand that customers are unable to try on clothes. They are limited to touch and feel the product. They cannot figure out the right size and they would probably get confused with size variants such as regular US size, UK size, plus size, slim fit, Petite size, etc. That is why fitting is the top reason that customers make returns.

While most of the online apparel stores use size charts as a tool to help shoppers make fit decisions but those return rates are not decreasing. One of the reasons is because those size charts place a burden on customers who may not even have a measuring tape or don’t know how to do it correctly.

Envision Size & Fit Analyser uses artificial intelligence-driven (AI) analyzed tens of thousands of bodies and develop predictive models that are over 97%+ accurate for 50 detailed measurements. It’s a smart size analyzer application that guides customers to buy the right size. Customers can get an accurate size analysis in under a minute, wherever they may be in the world. They just need to answer simple questions, like their height, weight, typical sizes, and body shape. No size charts, or tape measures required.

By integrating this app to help shoppers make better fit decisions, online retailers can reduce return rates and customers have more confidence in making a purchase when they are shown exactly how the product will fit them. Also, they will be more confident to revisit the site and make more purchases in the future.

Customers can see how each size fits with the virtual sizing try-on. Not only customers will be recommended their best size, but they’ll be shown exactly how the product will fit their body. Do they prefer a tighter or slim fit? They can always check out how the smaller size looks.

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