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You want to provide many product images but do not want to overload your product page? Instead of loading all product images, your product page will only load the images of the variant selected by your client. The bellow apps allows for your product page to only show images of the selected variant, which enhances the focus and cleanliness of your product page dramatically.

Instead of one image per variant, you will now be able to assign multiple images to a single variant.

1. Variant Image Penguin

The app allows for assign multiple images to variants, clean up your product page because it only show images of the selected variant, which enhances the focus and cleanliness of your product page dramatically.

Easily for you to use this app because you can drag and drop your images onto the matching variant.

2. Variant Image Automator

Variant Image Automator helps you to show multiple images of the selected variant. Give a clean and professional look to your product page and improve customer experience & conversion.



  • Clean your product page by showing Images of the selected variant only. Show multiple images per variant
  • Group variant images by simply sorting them together. No need to map variant images manually.
  • Loads quickly. No theme code modification required.
  • Makes your product search and collection pages more arranged and easy to navigate.
  • Makes it easy for customers to compare different variations.
  • Prevents wrong orders because of the confusing product image gallery.
  • Improves SEO: Combine variants in one product to avoid duplicate content and SEO penalties.
  • Prevents loss of sales: If one color/size variant is out of stock, sell another color variant.

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