How To Remove Powered By Shopify Link From Your Store Footer Using App

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Many people want to edit their store customization like removing the admin footer text. They always hire a developer to do this, which costs them a lot of time and money, while with just one click to download the Powered by Text Remover application, everything will be solved quickly. Let’s refer to this great app and add this app to your store to have a perfect store.

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Login to your account to Shopify App Store, search for Powered by Text Remover app, Add App, and Install App. This is a completely free app for you.

This is app very easy to use. You can remove the store footer text Powered by Shopify using this app. You just need to install it, select the option from the app then press the Save button to save the setting. 

Automatically settings will be applied to your store according to your chosen option. 

When you want to uninstall the app, there will be some asset files still there. To completely delete it, you have to find and remove it. Go to Shopify admin > Themes > Edit code

Then, in the theme.liquid file, please search the code and delete the complete code as mentioned in the example.

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