How To Notify Customers About Your New Products

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This article will give you a tool to increase sales in the simplest and most effective way. Vye App: New Product Notifications. This app will help notify subscribers of your shop when new products are added. This will help your customers not to miss any new products in the store as well as stimulate their shopping needs. Add the app to the store and check how useful it is.


Sign in to your Shopify store account and download the app. 

There are two plans for you to sign up for: Free Plan and Standard Plan ($9.99/month). With Free Plan, Up to 10 subscribers to new products are added to your shop and customers can subscribe to specific product tags. With Standard Plan, up to 500 subscribers to new products added to your shop, you can Use your shop logo in email notifications, customize email notifications sent to subscribers, and more benefits. Choose one plan and start customizing.

The app provides a subscription form that can be placed on any page of your online store. When people visit your store, they can subscribe to notifications about new products added to your store. Depending on how the app is configured, they can either subscribe to all new products or specific product tags. Here are the steps that help add a subscription form to your store so that customers can subscribe to receive product notifications.

  1. Go to your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes
  2. Find the theme that you are currently using, and then click Customize.
  3. Navigate to the page and section where you want to add the subscription form.
  4. Click Add new section.
  5. From the drop-down menu, in the Apps section, select Vye: New Product Notifications or click the Search bar and enter Vye: New Product Notifications to find the app.
  6. Move the app section to where you want the form to be placed on the page.
  7. Click Save.

Once the installation is complete, the dashboard will be displayed. The app dashboard shows the total number of subscriptions, the total number of unsubscriptions, and the total number of notifications that have been sent out since the app was installed. It also displays a graph of the total number of subscriptions, new subscriptions, and sent notifications over time. A time frame of 30, 60, or 90 days can be selected.

In the app settings, you can customize the email notifications that are sent to your subscribers. You can upload your shop logo for the email banner and change the content of the email. You can also send yourself a test email to see exactly how your customized email looks.

Boost sales by notifying customers about your new products.

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