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There are many reasons that lead to customers abandoning the shopping cart even though they love the product very much. One of the biggest reasons is the price. Maybe customers will find that price too high or inappropriate, or they will exit and wait for a promotion to return. Understanding this problem, Nibble ‑ AI Make an Offer Tool app was born to create a fun AI negotiation to get a personalized deal. This app empowers customers to confidently shop on their terms with no need to browse for discounts and keeps you in control of your promotions. Download the app to give your customer a unique experience and a reason to come back to you.


You need to log in to your Shopify app store account and install this app. 

After you install the Shopify App, enter your credentials and you are ready to go:

Step 1 – Login to the Admin Panel

Log in to the Admin Panel and set rules for when and on which products Nibble should appear. These can be razor targeted, e.g. based on exit intents or user behavior. You can also activate Nibble with magic links for email campaigns, or for a limited time for flash sales.

One item that needs setting is your discount threshold. Nibble will never agree to a larger discount than this value. Nibble will balance discounting and conversion rates depending on users’ negotiation style. The average discount for your customers will sit somewhere in the middle between 0% and your discount threshold.

Press the Save button so that the settings are not changed.

Step 2 – The Nibble chatbot appears based on these rules, allowing the user to start an engaging and fun conversation about price

After the rules are put up, the Nibble chatbot will emerge according to those rules, and the user can then initiate a lively and amusing conversation with the bot about the pricing.

Step 3 – Once a price is agreed upon, the user checks out as normal

The Nibble improves conversion and margin while making your customers smile. Use Nibble to improve customer lifetime value, tackle abandoned carts and create perfect bundles. It can even be used to facilitate flash sales.

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