How To Hide Out Of Stock On Your Shopify Store

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For business owners, out-of-stock products can be a significant roadblock in maintaining customer satisfaction and sales. Failing to keep track of inventory levels can result in missed opportunities, negative feedback, and ultimately a loss of revenue. This is where Stockyphi ‑ Hide Out Of Stock app comes into play. Stockyphi is a cutting-edge solution that streamlines the management of out-of-stock products. By automatically hiding these items from view, Stockyphi ensures that your customers only see products that are readily available, resulting in a smoother shopping experience. Additionally, Stockyphi provides you with comprehensive analytics, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your inventory levels and adjust your strategy accordingly. Furthermore, integrating Stockyphi into your store is incredibly straightforward and does not require any coding experience, making it accessible to all businesses, regardless of their technical proficiency. Upgrading your store with Stockyphi is an investment in the future of your business, ensuring a seamless customer experience and boosting sales. So why wait? Take the first step towards an enhanced shopping experience today with Stockyphi.


When you install StockyPhi, this app fetches all products from your Store for analysis. After product analysis, the system starts listening to the information sent by Shopify to take action on products according to the settings applied in the app. Shopify has a system that provides real-time inventory status of your products. Whenever Shopify notifies this app that a product has Zero inventory, this app instantly hides the product, and in the case of back-in-stock products, this app immediately publishes it.

  • In Settings > Overview, you will have to set the Out of Stock Rules, Back in Stock Rules, and Threshold Inventory Quantity (This setting will hide/unhide the product when the inventory of the product is equal to the set quantity) and then Save the changes.

  • Redirection: Next, you have to establish Action on hidden out-of-stock products (deleted products will also be redirected). In case you want to exclude or allow a few products, use Redirection Rules.

  • Report: Whenever StockyPhi takes an action on products in run time, it will send you an email (you need to adjust your settings to be notified immediately about the product being out of stock or back in stock). When you click on the Cleanup Now button on the Settings page, it will scan all the products in your store and will send you a summary email on completion.

  • Save: Save all changes after finishing the establishment. If you saved the settings but still products didn’t hide/show/redirect, click on the Cleanup Now button to apply settings on all products so that StockyPhi will scan all products from your store again from the start. Later on, StockyPhi will update products in run time.


In conclusion, hiding out-of-stock products on your Shopify store is fundamental to maintaining a positive customer experience. By taking the necessary steps to hide out-of-stock products and redirect deleted items, you can ensure that your customers only see available items, enhancing their overall shopping experience. As such, taking the time to apply these techniques can go a long way in improving your store’s performance and customer satisfaction.

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