How to embed a video to emails

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The major email providers like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo don’t support embedded videos with playback. That means, even if you put video in your email, the receivers won’t be able to watch it or they won’t be able to read it at all because it’ll go straight to spam.

So what is the solution to this problem? I suggest with you 2 solutions:

1. Use a animated GIF as the video

A easy way to give the illusion of video in email is to use the ever-popular animated GIF. And you can easily insert this photo into your email content.

  1. You must create your video
  2. Convert your video into a GIF
  3. Embed the GIF to your email template. You also can add a URL link behind it.

By this way, the recipient can sense that the video is coming from the email content. However, this way you can’t work with long content videos.

2. Create a video thumbnail image with a play button

You can create a video thumbnail with a play button and link to the video source on Youtube or Video.

The recipient will feel like the video has been embedded in the content of the email.

These are the 2 ways I often encounter. Of course there are other ways too. What way are you using? Can you share with us? Please leave a comment.

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