How to add floating Whatsapp message button on your Shopify store without app

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If you want to add quick Whatsapp floating button with message box to connect with your users then here I am going to share an awesome script which add floating whatsapp button on your website and if some one click on that button a web tab will open with prefilled message. Using this web page your user can send message to you on given Whatsapp number.


First, you go to the page: After that fill on fields on this page.

  • WhatsApp number
  • Greeting message
  • Position
  • Distance from bottom line
  • Distance from margin left/right
  • Display

Click onto GET CODE button to submit the form.

On next page, the page will show the embed code. To embed this code you do step by step:

  1. Copy above codes.
  2. From your Shopify admin, to to Online Store > Theme.
  3. Find the theme you want to edit and then click Action > Edit code.
  4. In the Layout section, click theme.liquid to open the file in the online code editor.
  5. Find </head> and paste code just above it.
  6. Done

Happy coding!

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1 Response

  1. Stephen says:

    HI, thank you for the codes. However, instead of Whatsapp logo icon, it is showing a blank green color icon. Can you look into this please?

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