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Today, When I visited a website for freelancer and I found a service from an Indian’s freelancer. He said he can create a email signatures for you with price is $5.

It’s cheap. But I think you must not paid for that if you use a online tool from This is a online tool help create amazing email signatures for you.

The first go to the url: You will see a form and you must complete all the fields:

1. First tab (Thông tin chính) fill about personal information

  • Họ và tên đệm: Last name
  • Tên: First name
  • Di động: Mobile phone number
  • Email
  • Chức vụ: Job title
  • Phòng ban: Department
  • Công ty: Company name
  • Website: Website URL
  • Hotline công ty: Office phone number
  • Số Fax: Fax number
  • Địa chỉ: Address
  • Logo/Ảnh cá nhân URL: Link to your avatar

2. Second tab (Mạng xã hội) fill about social network information

3. Third tab (Phong cách) custom styles for email signature

  • Kiểu ảnh: Image style
  • Màu chữ: Text color
  • Màu chủ đạo: Feature color
  • Màu link: Link color
  • Kiểu chữ: Font type
  • Cỡ chữ: Font size

After you complete the fields, you click Tạo chữ ký button. A popup will appear. You need fill two fields. It’s not important so you can fill any things.

  • Doanh nghiệp của bạn kinh doanh lĩnh vực gì? : Categories of your company
  • Select box: Should choose “Không” – None

You should uncheck with the last checkbox to not be bothered by spam mail. Then you need click Tạo chữ ký button again.

Done. The popup will close and you can copy new email signature by click Copy chữ ký button. Now you can paste anywhere.

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