9 of The best age verification Shopify apps

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If your online store sell products that are restricted to people over certain ages, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. These age verification Shopify plugins make it easy for you to make sure you only sell items like tobacco, alcohol, and e-cigarettes to people over specific ages, and they come with lots of useful features, including simple installation, responsive layouts and easy customization.

Here is a list of 9 best age verification Shopify apps:

Modern Age Verifier

Modern Age Verifier is very useful if you sell alcohol, spirits, tobacco, vaporizing products, adult materials or other age-restricted merchandise. It a features a responsive design, so it’s compatible with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This Shopify app allows you to verify your customers’ ages by asking them to either enter their birthdays or certify that they are above a specified age, and it comes with lots of customization options, so you can make Modern Age Verifier match your store’s existing branding.

Age Verifier​

If you sell age restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, spirits and more, Age verifier is an imperative for your online store that verifies the visitor’s age. This app help the online retailers to verify the consumer age before selling age restricted products and prevent under-age visitor.

Bouncer by ShopPad

Bouncer is a must-have if you sell beer, wine, spirits, tobacco, vaporizing products, adult materials or other age-restricted merchandise. This Shopify app requires customers to verify their ages by entering their birthdays, self-certifying that they are above a certain age, or through their Facebook accounts. Plus, Bouncer by ShopPad comes with a responsive layout, so it’s compatible with mobile devices, it offers a large library of background images for you to choose from, and it even includes support for optional compliance logs that you can use to record the details of people who verify their ages via Facebook.

Age Check

Age Check is an essential app that verifies the age of visitors when they arrive on your website. Age Check looks professional and beautiful on your website so your visitors have a positive first impression ensuring you don’t lose valid customers.

Simply Age Verify

Simply Age Verify is a simple plugin that lets you specify a minimum age and add an age-gate between a potential visitor and your content, just to be safe. It’s easy to install, and it comes with a number of customization options, so you can change the background, text, cookie length, logo, and minimum required age.

EVS Age Verification

Age verification is imperative for all online sales of age restricted products such as tobacco, e-cigarettes, wine and spirits. States such as Texas and Massachusetts have already passed regulations mandating that online retailers selling age restricted products verify consumer information against consumer databases to ensure that consumers are of legal age to purchase their products. Self-certification of age (e.g. having a consumer click a button or submit their age or date of birth) is not sufficient to maintain compliance with these regulations.

The EVS Age Verification App automated integration with IdentiFraud Consumer+ to allow for true age verification to meet compliance requirements within Shopify. The app will perform the following functions within your Shopify Store:

  • Adds a birthdate field to the registration form
  • Creates a new set of integration credentials within the IdentiFlo Management Platform
  • Performs an IdentiFraud Consumer+ transaction each time a new customer places their first order
  • Tags the customer as verified for each successful verification
  • Tags any order from a customer that could not be verified as needing manual verification

The verification process is performed in the background, allowing you to maintain compliance without impacting the checkout process for your customers. Transaction history is stored within the IdentiFlo Management Platform, ensuring that you always have an audit trail to prove your compliance with age verification regulations.

EVS provides some of the lowest age verification transaction rates in the industry, no set-up fees, a nominal monthly system access fee and no minimums for transaction volume. Our focus on long-term client relationships allows us to provide these lower costs without sacrificing product quality, maintaining our high standards for data precision, security, and customer experience.

Age Verifier by Omega

Age Verifier by Omega is the perfect to help you: set the minimum age for visitors to confirm to access your store. This Shopify app allows you to verify your customers’ ages by asking them to enter their birthdates or by certifying that are above a specific age. Plus, Age Verifier by Omega has a responsive layout, so it’s compatible with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and it comes with a shortcode that enables you to add age restrictions to your entire website or just specific pages.

Age Verifier by Open Think Group

Age Verifier by Open Think Group is a customizable pop-up app to restrict access to your website. It’s incredibly easy to install, making it a great Shopify plugin for people who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, and it comes with a responsive design and easy customization. Plus, this age verification Shopify app includes a preview mode that you can use to see how it will look before you make it live on your store’s website, and it allows you to choose how long cookies will last.

Shopper Age Check

Shopper Age Check automates this process by integrating age verification into your checkout process, and verify customer’s age in a few seconds. It will add an age verification process to your store’s checkout page, prompting customers to enter their names, birthdays, and addresses before they can complete their orders. This information will be sent to a third party for verification, and if someone’s details are flagged as potentially fraudulent, they will be asked to upload a picture of their government issued identification for analysis.

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