6+ Best Shopify Product Description Generator Apps

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Are you an online retailer on Shopify who hate to waste time and money for writing content for your wide range of products? Good news! There are Shopify apps help you generate product description which saves you hours of effort. These Shopify apps are integrated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to bring the most truth to the descriptions.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Apps for generating product description in 2024:

1. TextCortex: Descriptions AI

You can use TextCortex AI to generate creative product descriptions that sell.

TextCortex AI was trained with close to a million product titles and product descriptions. That makes TextCortex special when it comes to generating product descriptions. It can optimise the keyword density and sentences for selling more and ranking higher on search results!

TextCortex is able to generate Product Descriptions for following products:

  • Product Descriptions for Clothing
  • Product Descriptions for Bags
  • Product Descriptions for Jewellery
  • Product Descriptions for Tshirts
  • Product Descriptions for Beauty Products
  • Product Descriptions for Decoration
  • Product Descriptions for Home Decor
  • Product Descriptions for Kitchen Products
  • Product Descriptions for Baby Products
  • Product Descriptions for Electronics And many other categories!

How to use:

  1. Enter your product title or choose from your inventory.
  2. Select Product Category
  3. Click Generate.
  4. Copy Product Descriptions that you like and launch your product


2. Automati Description Generator

This app is the way of helping you generate high quality copy without having to write it yourself. The app has AI and it has been trained to write copy. Filling out a form is a breeze because you don’t have to write your own copy.

It is a time saver for anyone who is looking for writing copy as it generates structured & unique content. This will help you get your sales, leads, and sign-ups instantly.


3. AI Product Descriptor

Applying the latest innovation in AI and Natural language process, AI Product Descriptor app is here to have you create product descriptions in such a speedy and human-like manner. Just a few simple steps to follow and all quality content you need is ready.


  • Automatically Generate descriptions for products
  • Extremely helpful for Clothing products
  • Customize descriptions based on multiple attributes
  • Incredibly Easy to handle with no code needed


4. ginnie

With ginnie, retailers, marketplaces and sellers on merchant platforms are able to generate thousands of unique product descriptions quickly and affordably. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), this content writing software automatically transforms raw product specifications into engaging, unique, optimized content.

Here’s how ginnie works:

  1. Select an Item: Start by selecting your item from ginnie’s product hierarchy.
  2. Set the Attributes: Use ginnie’s drop-down menu to choose your product’s specific attributes such as material, design style, tabletop type or other distinguishing features.
  3. Generate a Description: Once you’ve set your item parameters, simply click “Generate” to reveal your completed product description.
  4. Save and Export: Regenerate your description or save it to your online catalog. You can export your catalog to your own system in any data file format.


5. Tako AI Description Writer

Tako automatically generates product descriptions for your catalogue. This app uses the state-of-the-art in machine learning and AI, so you’ll get a variety of creative and unique descriptions for each of your products that you can choose from and edit.


6. AdZis Product Description Generator

Adzis is one of the most outstanding online product descriptions generators. You only need one click to have a high-quality product description.

You login with your Shopify password and select one product from your catalog at a time and click generate description button. You will find the generated description in the right side box in which you can make modifications/corrections and click publish button to get directly published in your website.


7. AI Product Description Writer

This app simplifies your life: with a few clicks of a button and a couple minutes of your time, create unique, artificial intelligence augmented product descriptions for your entire store. Each description is completely unique and can be tailored to fit your brand tone.


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