The Best Shopify Apps Help To Add The “Add To Cart” Button On Collection Page

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I’ve written an article to guide you on how to add the “Add to cart” button on Shopify collection pages manually. If you are technical, you can follow this article to do. If you consider yourself non-technical, there are Shopify apps that help you.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps help to add the “Add To Cart” button on the Collection page in 2024:

1. Collections Add to Cart Button

This Shopify app helps to show “Add to Cart” buttons everywhere on collection pages, product pages, search results pages, and homepage collections. You also can add a quantity selector to make it possible to add more than one product with one click option and add a variant selector for those products with more than one variant available.

It also supports customizing the widget styles according to your store settings and prevents certain products or collections from displaying the app widget.

It’s fully integrated with the most popular themes’ drawer cart.


You can refer to the article guide to use this app here.

2. CartBounty: Collection Cart

This Shopify app is your new app to boost sales while reducing shopping time. It makes the shopping process at your store easier. It helps to add the “Add to cart” buttons on collection pages so will speed up the checkout process for your customers.


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