6+ Best Shopify Forum Apps

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Shopify doesn’t have a forum feature available for stores. However, you can easily integrate a forum into your Shopify store with the help of third-party apps.

Here are the best Shopify Forum Apps in 2024:

1. Champ Forum

Champ is a Shopify app that lets easily you add a forum to your existing Shopify store.

Champ is good for:

  • Customer support forums
  • Product pre-sales Q&A
  • Community discussions
  • Providing news and updates
  • Private discussion groups
  • Site for your team discussions
  • User-to-user private messaging

When you use Champ, your forum will be installed within your existing Shopify store’s subdirectory (https://yourdomain.com/community/champ) and not on a separate subdomain. It’s good for SEO because of this, any content that’s publicly available and generated in your forum will be indexed by the search engines and can add to providing extra SEO for your site.

With Champ, you can moderate messages posted in your forums both within the app and on the user-facing pages. You can also allow certain users (through tagging them) to moderate messages as well.

Built-in controls include:

  • Hiding posts
  • Editing posts
  • Pinning topics to the top of the forum

You can easily:

  • Restrict access to all or certain sections of your forum
  • Restrict posting permissions
  • Create read-only forums
  • Restrict moderator controls at the user tag level


2. Xenforum

Xenforum is a Shopify app, that lets you add a forum to your Shopify store in a few minutes and helps you to build a community around your brand.


Front store:

  • Create new topics, edit topics
  • Create new posts, reply posts, edit posts with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Upload an image and insert it into posts
  • Mention someone
  • Search contents
  • Like posts
  • User profiles and edit profiles, notifications
  • Admin and Moderators can manage topics and posts from the front store.

Admin page:

  • Manage forums
  • Manage topics and posts
  • Manage users
  • Manage display and settings


3. Shopicial ‑ social forum

A social network will help customers feel free to share their feelings about your product/brand. Building a private social network makes your brand more professional and insightful. Customers will also be completely focused on your brand without being attracted to other issues like when they use a popular social network (Facebook/Twitter…). It helps you build a community around your brand, capture customer needs, handle problems that your customers have, and drive long-term sales. Shopicial lets you easily add a social network to your Shopify store.


4. Chatigy Forums

Transform your site into a community with Chatigy. Chatigy is a high-powered chat engine that allows your site visitors to chat with each other in real-time. The newest version offers by default Chatigy Forums which adds a forum to each page on your site.

Your site visitors will be able to:

  • Ask questions
  • Start discussions
  • Contact Customer Service
  • See who’s online
  • Make friends
  • Create private chats

As the site owner, you will be able to:

  • Get a sense of what people are saying about your site
  • Engage your visitors directly in real-time
  • Customize Chatigy’s colors to match your theme
  • Customize chat behavior
  • Enable Chatigy’s customer service option
  • Review reporting on-site activity


5. Social King

With Social King, your Shopify Store will support guest blogging.

Shoppers Can:

  • Create their own user profile with a picture and about section
  • Create and edit posts, including uploading images and embedding videos
  • Comment on each other’s posts
  • React with Emojis

Store Admins Can:

  • Manage Tags to drive conversations around specific topics
  • Moderate every User-Generated Post & Comment before it goes live on the site
  • Promote relevant products alongside user-generated content
  • Customize the look and feel of the community pages


6. PeerBoard Forum and Community

PeerBoard gives your store audience a home they’ll love. This Shopify forum app brings everything you need to build a truly branded online community, connect with your customers, and grow without a single tech headache.

Get full access to all of your member info, contacts, and stats without any restrictions.

PeerBoard’s modern look and feel make it a sight to behold and delight to use for every single user.


  • Rich user profiles: Let your members get recognized with taglines, rich bios, avatars, and more
  • No code integration: Embed into your Shopify store automatically and seamlessly
  • Private or public: Control your community’s visibility, access rights, and registration options
  • Real-time threads: Facilitate valuable in-depth conversations with multi-level discussions
  • Intelligent feed: Our algorithm shoots the highest value posts to the top, based on engagement and recency
  • And much more: Real-time updates, a versatile admin panel, and a full suite of powerful features


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