5+ Best Shopify Product Recommendation Quiz Apps

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Help website visitors find the exact products they need with a product recommendation quiz. The product recommendation quiz is a faster, more intuitive way for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for on your store.

But how can you create a product recommendation quiz with Shopify? If you’re more technical, you may want to do this manually. If you consider yourself non-technical, there are Shopify apps that help to you.

Here is a list of 5+ best Product Recommendation Quiz apps for Shopify:

  1. Product Recommendation Quiz
  2. Quizify ‑ Quiz Builder
  3. Visual Quiz Builder
  4. Pop Quiz ‑ Quiz Builder
  5. Fyrebox Quizzes

1. Product Recommendation Quiz


This app allows the customers to play an active role in the buying experience. The quiz asks your customers a series of questions, analyzes their responses and returns a selection of recommended products that match their needs along with an explanation to why they’re the right fit for them.

This app allows you to customize multiple aspects of the quiz. With the easy-to-use quiz builder you can:

  • Define the questions you ask
  • Personalize the recommendations
  • Choose within multiple fonts and color palettes
  • Choose between multiple display modes (link, popup or inline)


  • Plug and play: Easy to install, no coding required. Sell more effectively within minutes, not weeks.
  • Conditional logic: Your customers never have to skip irrelevant questions because with conditional logic rules, they’ll never even see them. This gets higher completion rates through a more personal, human interaction.
  • Lead capture: Encourage your customers to leave their contact details (for following-up or retargeting).

2. Quizify ‑ Quiz Builder


This app is a quiz form builder that allows e-commerce stores the ability to deliver a personalized, interactive, and engaging shopping experience to its customers. Using this app you can ask questions to customers and based on their answers you can recommend products. Most of the customer leave the website without buying anything when they get confused about what is the best product for them. With this app, you can help them to find their best match.

With this app, you will be able to get feedback on your Products, Online Store, and what customers looking more from you. You can improve and target ads based on the app’s data and get a higher conversion.

3. Visual Quiz Builder


Create a custom quiz for your store with this quiz app, engage your visitors, and increase sales! This app makes it easy to create recommendation quizzes that offer an engaging and personalized shopping experience for your customers.

With the easy-to-use quiz builder, add questions and options to your quiz. Make as many edits as you like, and preview your quiz, before you publish it to your audience. Edit the look and feel of the quiz by changing colors, fonts, or adding images. You can create a quiz that recommends products, Shopify collections, or variants (SKUs) to give you ultimate control over the recommendation. When you’re ready to make your quiz live, simply publish it and use your custom link to make your quiz appear wherever you want!

4. Pop Quiz ‑ Quiz Builder


This app is fully integrated with your Shopify store, so setting up your product recommendations is fast and easy. It’s easy to use but it’s also packed with powerful features that allow you to create quizzes that are simple or very complex.

5. Fyrebox Quizzes


With this app, you can make your own quiz , capture leads and increase your sales on your e-commerce website! It makes easy to create an interactive competition or a product selection tool.

Here is the list of quizzes you can create:

  • Scenario Quiz
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • True False Quiz
  • Open Ended Quiz
  • Mostly As

This app is available in 37 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese,… It will detect the language of your browser and display the version in your language.

With this app, you can edit every piece of content within the quiz as well with the advanced look and feel editor. You can also change colors, move the buttons around, change their labels,…

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