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Your store can become an excellent marketplace for any buyer. There are many potential customers and they want to buy your products in bulk. For that purpose, to support customers in the fastest and simplest way, besides, to bring more revenue to your store, applications that support bulk orders were created. This application is like a perfect tool speeding up the checkout process and can be adapted to any Shopify theme. Add a bulk order form to single products, collections, or the whole store, create this list of items based on the good’s current popularity or modern market trends and preferences with just one click. Never the ordering in bulk is so easy and fast.

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps for Bulk Order in 2023

1. MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order

MultiVariants is an app that helps bulk order for multiple variants quantity with min/max limit. Bulk Order allows your customers to order multiple variants and quantities of the same product only in a short time. Convert your default variants dropdown into a variant list table with the quantity box to allow your customers to select multiple variants and quantities at the same time and add them to the shopping cart in a single click. No manual integration or coding is required. Auto works with most themes. By using this app, it will help increase your sales and conversion rate by allowing mix & match bulk product orders.


  • Interval based quantity / Incremental increases
  • Seal Subscriptions integration
  • Display all variant combinations with the quantity box for bulk order on the product page
  • MinMax Order Limits
  • Display settings for variants unit/total price, available stock quantity, icons, Out of Stock including image badge.


2. EasyWholesale: bulk order form

The EasyWholesale app helps you organize a perfect offer for wholesalers from a single bulk order page or specified product pages. Your customers can add multiple products and variants directly to their carts at once. If you have a lot of wholesale customers, make placing bulk orders easier for them by creating a standalone wholesale order form for convenient purchasing.

EasyWholesale provides a great solution for conversion optimization. Your wholesale form buyers and retailers won’t leave your store without purchasing, and will likely return to take advantage of the smart bulk offers and time-saving shopping items you suggest. The app is a great solution for vendors who want to sell more and aim to satisfy their consumer’s expectations.


3. Bulk Order ‑ Similar Products

This is a modern, easy-to-install, and powerful app that allows your customers to bulk order by choosing multiple variants in just one click. Your leads will turn into conversions with this time-saving feature that will allow multi-variants of products to be added to the cart. Time is money, after all.


  • Speedy Installation: It can be installed and configured in a few clicks by anyone.
  • Free Support: Installation and minor changes can be done free of cost by us.
  • Display Variants List: A variants list will be displayed on the product page if the product contains multiple variants.
  • Faster Conversions: Saves customers’ time by allowing them to place bulk orders quickly.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The mobile-friendly app inspires and influences your customers to place a bulk order for multiple items even from their cellphones.
  • Saves Time: Display a list of multi-variants of the products on the same page, so your customers don’t have to go looking for them.


4. One Page Bulk Order

One page Bulk Order Application will add a quick bulk product order page to your store, where your customers can select any number of products including different variants and multiple quantities to add them to the cart.


  • This application is very useful for bulk ordering, as wholesale customers can choose multiple products from a single page.
  • Customers can choose products by searching the product name, SKU, tags & variant options.
  • The bulk order page will also provide the ability to clear the current cart before adding new products from the bulk order page.
  • The Calculate button will calculate the subtotal for all the selected products & quantities on the Bulk Order page.
  • Out of stock products will be visible as disabled products and customers won’t be able to select them to add them to the cart.
  • The Bulk Order page is compatible with free templates from the theme stores as well as most of the premium templates.
  • With a one-click installation, a Bulk order page will be set in your store.
  • Store admin can set a URL under navigation or anywhere on the website and/or email/message for the bulk order page.
  • This App only works on the cart page. Once a user adds the list of products they would like to buy, they can view their selection on the cart page.


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