4+ Best Collection Sort Apps For Shopify

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Ever wished you could automate your most complex merchandising tasks like managing out-of-stock products, collection sort, and promoting trending items while retaining enough control to make a great-looking collection page and handle marketing campaigns? Understanding how a collection contributes to your revenue and how much traffic it receives is really important, I will help you how to add the collection sort feature to your Shopify store by the fast way. With just one click, you can sort products for a specific collection or you can update the settings for the entire collection. Accessing the same Collections at different time periods will reveal different products, giving shoppers a fresh sense, rather than a constant sense of boredom. Let’s install this app and enjoy the benefits that it brings.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Collection Sort Apps in 2024:

1. Sortimize Collection Sort

Sortimize is an advanced collection sorting app that uses both Google Analytics product statistics and Shopify product data. Collection pages are where users mostly exit the store. Using both the Google Analytics product performance statistics and Shopify product data helps collection. Based on your collection characteristics, choose a sorting rule that most fits your need. Sortimize offers sorting rules that take into account Shopify product parameters, as well as Google Analytics product-related metrics. Don’t keep your most valuable data idle.


2. Collection Sort

Getting your collections right is important as visitors will spend limited time on your store. Collection Sort automates and schedules sorting your collections using data-driven insights for the most impact.

The great benefits you can take:

  • Collection Sort: You can sort products in various ways and also determine when to auto-sort your collections.
  • Sort collections in a Grid View: You can manually sort your collections in a grid view using the multi-drag and drop feature
  • Product group: Define product group with products and you can always show similar products next to each other in collections. Also, you can treat them like featured products.
  • Gain Insight on what collections are performing the best: In Dashboard, you can discover trends over the last 90 days for the top 5 collections. See all the details including views, add to carts,… etc
  • Leverage data/insights for higher sales: With one single click, you can connect your Google Analytics account to
  • Collection Sort and leverage data to sort products for your collections
  • Superior Customer Service / Support


3. Collection Sort

Collection Sort is an app that can increase your productivity. Its main function is to help you quickly and efficiently manage the product ordering under the Collection, help you quickly find potential products, give it more display opportunities, and more importantly, it can help you provide customer conversion rate.

The features of this app:

  • Shortcut bar: Support one-click view, edit, and delete products
  • Automatic Random Sort: Accessing the same Collections at different time periods will reveal different products, giving shoppers a fresh sense, rather than a constant sense of boredom
  • Manual Random Sort: If you are not sure that some products will become your best seller products, you can try to click ‘random sort’
  • Smart Collection Select: Use multiple product ids to quickly search for a collection containing this product, One-click settings only show manual sorting and quick positioning of the Collection.
  • Multi-product Simultaneous Sorting: Support check multiple products while moving, clicking the top & bottom button, moving to designated locations, and quickly moving products to the desired location.
  • Multi-product Rapid Positioning: Enter Multi-product IDs, separated by commas, to help you quickly locate selected products.


4. Entaice Collection Sorter

Entaice is a next-generation merchandising platform that combines the best of automation and flexibility to drive sell-through and conversion on your store. The app automatically sorts your collection pages using insights from Shopify’s top merchandisers to seamlessly blend your latest data and product imagery. Then you refine and optimize the arrangement. The result? Visually engaging, on-brand collection pages all day, every day.


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