35+ Best Countdown Timer Apps for Shopify

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Countdown timers create a sense of urgency so it encourages shoppers to take immediate action which results in increased conversion rates for your store and helps you run more effective sale campaigns/promotions.

Countdown timer is one of the essential apps that you can have in your online store. When the timer ticks, shoppers get the fear of missing out the deal and tend to buy the products.

These are the best Shopify Countdown Timer Apps in 2024:

1. Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown


This app helps to create countdown timer. If any orders or products added to cart are discounted on your store, this function will display the countdown timer on the popup. It will create urgency to promote customer shopping.

This app also helps to show a countdown timer and promotion notifications in the cart to stimulate customers to pay quickly to increase sales for your store.

2. Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0


This app helps to create countdown sales notification timers for collections, specific products or set it up on the homepage. The app provides 2 types: scheduled or fixed-length countdown timers.

The app supports auto restart countdown timer clocks after the end date. It will place the timer clock to the header, bottom or as an embedded widget on a product page.

A sale timer can start to count down individually for each website visitor.

3. ULTIMATE Countdown Timer


This app provides a real-time countdown timer for extra awareness and urgency of sales promotions, limited-time offers, product launches and more.

With ULTIMATE Countdown Timer, you can create and schedule multiple countdown timer bars with different messages, different colors and designs, schedule in advance different start and end times and also you can even set Geo-Locations to display different announcement messages to specific countries/regions only.

4. Countdown Timer Ultimate



  • 12 clock designs
  • Customize colors
  • Customize fonts
  • Mobile-friendly

5. Countdown Timer Bar


With this app, you will create urgency in your marketing message in minutes.

  • A slick countdown timer to create urgency in your promotion
  • Good for early bird promotion, flash sale promotion, holiday promotion, time limited offer events, product launch events…
  • With the call to action button on the bar, your customers will dash to your sale
  • With auto-scheduling feature, you can create as many bars as you want for the next several months, the App automatically schedules them and selects the right one to display
  • Display high urgent timers specifically for visitors come from your social Ads such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Page targeting, define bars to only display on certain pages, such as all pages, home page only, collection or product pages, or any pages by giving the URLs
  • Geo Target, display different promotions based on website visitors’ countries
  • Free to add the bar to any desired positions on the webpage
  • Everything in the bar is fully configurable to match your store theme
  • Fully responsive, and optimized across all screen sizes including desktop, tablet and mobile.

6. Countdown Timer | Cart Timer



  • Display the remaining years, days, hours, and minutes of a special deal or sale event.
  • Countdown to checkout at any future date to build up excitement for an upcoming event, such as an end-of-season sale, new collection launch and more.
  • Count down to a specific number.
  • Count up from any past date, perfect for displaying the number of days since an incident.
  • Add custom text and a button to your counter or checkout timer to offer coupon or discount codes and direct customers to your sale landing page on your site.
  • Show a custom message or button to redirect your visitors during and after your count has ended.
  • Make the countdown timer automatically repeat, so you never have to remember to set it up!
  • Reset the checkout timer for each new visitor, so every visitor sees their own X minutes remaining on a special sale or offer.
  • Add it to any product, featured product or page on your site.
  • Use custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, and animations to style your POWr Countdown Timer.
  • Supports text in any language.
  • Mobile responsive on any device.

7. Hurrify ‑ Countdown Timer



  • Text Above Countdown Timer Is Fully Customizable: You can customize the text above the timer the way you like until you get the look that fits your Shopify Store perfectly ! You can choose between the custom sentences the app already included or you can even enter your own custom text. Then you can control the size, the color,the font weight and font style even.
  • New Scarcity Timer: You can now choose to display a progress bar with a sold amount instead of the plain custom text! In this option you can jump start your sold amount and show it to customers. Then with each sold unit, the sold amount will be increased.
  • Different Countdown Timer Styles: You can choose between the 2 styles the app has included to see which one suits you and your store better. More styles are coming very soon!

8.CT (Countdown Timer Bar)


With this app, you can set up a countdown calendar app in a few clicks and display the Shopify countdown timer on all or on particular pages only; choose to show it on mobile, desktop or both.

9. Countdown Sales Timer


Countdown Sales Timer allows you to quickly and easily add a real-time countdown bar to create urgency and increase sales. It is made by the Shopify design experts at Pixel Union and includes an assortment of countdown timer themes designed to increase conversions.

10. SMART Scarcity Countdown Timer


Smart Scarcity is a well designed countdown timer always visible on your store. If your brand offers often flash sales, this is a good way to communicate a sense of urgency.

11. Sales Countdown Timer by Revy


By placing a Timer to show that time is running out every second, this application highly supports you to highlight top selling products and furthermore considerably increase the sale of them, especially on Holidays. On the other side, the app is designed a clear interface for Timer to display the progress of remaining time with full customization which allows you to freely adjust fonts or colours. Moreover, this add-on is able to work stably on a small or big store and perform perfectly on a mobile screen. Finally, the timer will not take any minute of your time to start the application with “Always ON” option.

12. Timer Plus ‑ Countdown


With Timer Plus, you can create a powerful, fully customizable and easy-to-use countdown timer for your shop. You’ll be able to install and customize the app in just a few minutes. Match your store design perfectly with our easy-to-use dashboard. It’s simple to adjust settings, create new timers and add dynamic progress bars.

13. Ultimate Scarcity Pro


This app allows you create urgency with countdown timer. You also can customize the look of your countdown timer by choosing from multiple styles and templates. Display immediately, after a set period of time, on a page’s bottom or top or below add to cart button.

With Ultimate Scarcity Pro timer, you can develop and implement a wide range of scarcity building solutions with just a few clicks.

Ultimate Scarcity allows you to display your real stock levels to show visitors that they should act quickly before they miss out.

14. Widgetic (Countdown Timer)



  • Evergreen timer – make your timer start over, enabling an automatic loop with a buffer, after each loop ends. See the details tab in the Editor where you can reset the time and buffer.
  • Customize the style to fit the look and feel of your website.
  • Customize the Time Up Message for a personal experience.
  • Responsive design, works on tablet, mobile and desktop.
  • Count down to any event or up from any date.
  • Flip through or count.
  • Adjust the CTA link.

15. Countdown Timer Bar Ultimate


This application is easy to install. Once it is installed, you can simply customize the banner based on your desire and activate to show it on your store.


  • Fully customizable.
  • Global countdown timer.
  • Separate styles for desktop and mobile versions.
  • Live preview within the application.
  • Configurable button.

Countdown timer can be used for flash sales, special day sales (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mother’s day, New year), seasonal sales (Christmas), clearance sales or any other promotional events.

16. Ends Soon ‑ Countdown Timer


Countdown timer is a great app that you can have in your store. It gives The shoppers a sense of fear of missing out the deal if they don’t buy the product now.


  • No Coding Necessary
  • Customize colors, fonts sizes, margins, messages and labels, timer, the placement
  • Compatible with Any Theme
  • Create timer bar

17. Powerful Countdown Timer


This app helps to add urgency with Countdown timer & boost sale. It supports various types of countdown timers, such as event based, auto-recurring, and daily countdown timers. You can add the bar to any desired position on your webpage. With the auto-scheduling feature, you can create as many bars as you want.

This app also can display different promotions based on the visitors’ country.

With this app, you also can display highly urgent timers specifically for visitors coming from your social ads such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

18. Disco: Flash Sales & Urgency


This app allows add a live countdown timer showing time left of sale on the product page. Easily customize to fit your design and preferences.

19. Hurrier ‑ Countdown Timer


This apps supports 3 timer types. Each one is designed for certain tasks and marketing activities.

  • Event timer: The simplest timer for counting down to a certain event. It is usually the end of a continuous sale. The only thing you need is to set the start date and the end one.
  • Daily timer: The timer is designed for promoting repeating sales on certain days. In addition to Start and End dates, you can set weekdays when you want the timer to appear.
  • Countdown from fixed minutes timer: Use this timer when you promote a sale with a certain advertising channel, for example, Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Set the limit of time — when a new user visits the store, the timer starts the countdown.

20. Product Countdown Pro


As the name suggests, this app helps to show a countdown on each product page. You can choose from existing templates or create your own template for your timer.

This app is designed to be compatible with different themes and different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

21. Easy Countdown Timer


Easy Countdown Timer is used for sales promotions, limited-time offers, product launches.

The key features:

  • Custom settings theme.
  • No coding required – instantly set it up in a matter of seconds.
  • Custom selection start and end dates and times.
  • Size, color and style can be changed at will.

Used For

  • Flash sales
  • Special sale events
  • Holiday sales
  • Upcoming promotions
  • Daily shipping out times
  • Guaranteed delivery cut-off times
  • And more…

22. ProductDrop ‑ Countdown Timer


The app helps to display a countdown timer on the product page for upcoming products! When the timer hits 0, inventory is automatically made available. It allows you to build demand for products that will translate into higher conversion when your product drops. This app also allows customers to sign up to be notified when product drops. When your product goes live, we automatically alert customers via email.

23. Elfsight Countdown Timer


This app helps you to create a buying rush on your website with Countdown Timer.

Set a countdown clock that will show the time left till the end of a discount period or a special offer. After the time has run out, there are two possible scenarios: the your website timer can totally disappear from the page, or show a message, which you want users to see.

This app has 3 types of Countdown Timer: start-to-finish, remaining time per visitor, start-to-finish number count.

24. Timer Panda ‑ Countdown Timer


Timer Panda is a perfect countdown timer app if you want to make more revenue by creating buyer’s urgency and it is super easy to use.

  • Fully customized and easy to use (Timer Panda will fit perfectly to your shop’s design)
  • Good for special sales, flash sales, holiday sales, product launch events.
  • Customized Call to Action and supports different customized collections.
  • Timer Panda offers multiple types of countdown timers, event based, auto-recurring, daily based count down timers and hourly countdown timers.
  • You can customize the text above the timer the way you like until you get the look that fits your Shopify store perfectly!
  • No developer needed! Install it by yourself.

Highly Customizable:

  • You can choose the position of Timer Panda in your shop.
  • Chose the color and font that fits your shop.
  • Timer Panda fits perfectly to mobile, desktop and tablet.

25. Countdown Timer Bar By MyTimer



  • Choose your favorite Timer layout from bunch of different styles.
  • Easy to customize the layout design and colors.
  • Responsive for different screen sizes( Desktops, Tabs and Mobiles).
  • Provide your own messages in timer bar
  • You can create timer for products and collections.
  • Timer starts from beginning for each customer.
  • User friendly dashboard to create and edit timers.
  • Timer bar can be added any where in the product page(Top, Bottom or wherever you want)
  • Timers can be fixed or scheduled as per your business needs.
  • Supports different multiple languages.

26. Ada Rush: Countdown Timer


This app to combine a social proof sales pop-up and a scarcity timer into one. It includes 3 major aspesct that can drastically increase the conversion rate of an ecommerce site:

  • Countdown Timer: This gives potential buyers a sense of urgency and to take immediate action. Many potential customers think “this is cool, maybe I’ll buy it later”. Having a countdown timer gets them to take the action now instead of allowing them to leave it for later and never make the purchase.
  • Sales Notifications: Sales notifications allow your potential buyers to know that other people are buying. Social proof is one of the best ways to increase conversions. Think about a line of people outside of the Apple store. This makes everyone want it to buy the product even more than they did in the first place.
  • Scarcity Bar: This is used as a visual way to tell your customers that either the quantity, or the price they are getting the product at, is limited and they may not be able to get it at that price forever. Another way to create a sense of urgency and get a potential buyer to take action immediately.

27. Sales Countdown Timer Eggspot


This app allows to create countdown time campaigns with any of your products with desired date. A countdown panel will appear on product pages telling shoppers to buy before the discount ends. It also allows manage campaigns history.

28. TopSale countdown timer banner


With this app you can easily add time banner for your sales to your Shopify store. Create urgency for your clients with this countdown banner:

  • Write unique name for your banner
  • Choose start and ens dates for timer
  • Configure banner’s position and behavior on the store page
  • Choose right palette for background and borders which perfectly suits your store’s theme.

Easy-to-use countdown timer with no insightful editor you can change size/color/etc. for the border/background. Such sales notification timer looks perfect on every store.

29. Start Countdown


Start Countdown allows you to create urgency and scarcity for promotional campaigns.

The app can add a sales countdown on any shop’s product page. It allows you customise settings for messages, style and position. It’s compatible with any theme and optimized for the best performance.

You can save time out of complex configurations.

30. Hurry Up ‑ Countdown Time


The shop owners are allowed to set up timer on every product page and customize it to make consistent with stores’ branding. With no requirement of any programming, it takes very easy for even low-tech users to install and use. Last but not least, the constantly updated display of text and flexible style customisation will undoubtedly make Hurry Up app more and more professional-looking.

31. Product‑Timer


This app provides a real-time product timer for extra awareness and urgency of sales promotions, limited-time offers, product launches and product timer is a great app that you can have in your store.


  • Count down to any future date to build up excitement for an upcoming event, such as an end-of-season sale
  • Customizable to match the look and feel of your store
  • Supports text in any language
  • Add it to any product on your site
  • Mobile responsive on any device
  • Schedule start and end dates and times

32. Smart Countdown Timer


Smart Countdown Timer by Startbit IT Solutions lets you create a beautiful countdown timer with nice colors to attract more shoppers. With this app, you can create and schedule a global countdown timer with a customized messages, custom colors and schedule start and end time.

33. Timerly by Kamozi


During easy installation and usage, this app requires no code then even low-tech users can soon get used to it. With function of setting up timer for orders on every product page, it does not occupy as much space and resources as other countdown apps on stores’ website. Further more, owning the diverse setting system, store owners are allowed to customize every feature of timer flexibly on their own.

34. Urgency: It’s time


This application allows store merchants like you to easily add creative urgency to their store. Featuring a wide and growing catalog of creative available for the store owner’s use.

34. Droparoo


With Droparoo, you are enabled to know and take action in many new creative ways to merchandise your products such as flash sales, daily sales, group buying, beat-the-clock, private membership and more.

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