20+ Best GDPR Apps for Shopify to Create A GDPR Compliant Website

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GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, is a new EU law on data protection and privacy, applicable as of 25 May 2018. This new set of rules and regulations applies to all online businesses and entities that collect and process user data, which also includes your Shopify store. And so, looking for the best Shopify GDPR apps?

In this article, we’ll share the best Shopify GDPR apps for your online store so that you can go forth on your internet adventures without fear.

1. Free GDPR + EU Cookie


This app shows all your website visitors a GDPR friendly cookie bar banner that informs your users that your website uses cookies and allows them to view your privacy policy. As soon as your visitors agree to your terms, the banner disappears automatically!

2. Easy GDPR + Cookie Bar


Install this app and you will get:

  • Cookie Consent Bar – Fully featured GDPR and ePrivacy compatible cookie banner. Multi-lingual, various placement positions. Auto-translated to 24 EU languages. Shows cookie popup up only to EU visitors.
  • Private data modify page and delete page for customers – Let users modify and delete their data.
  • Private data access and export page for customers – Let users access their data and take it with themselves.
  • Privacy policy template for your Shopify store aligned with GDPR – Avoid being sued for having an outdated policy.
  • Consent checkboxes and privacy descriptions – Get clear consent before collecting any data.
  • Emails you instantly whenever new accesses, modify or delete requests have been made, so you can take the necessary steps.

Cookie banner supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Finnish, Croatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian, Irish, Maltese.

3. GDPR Cookie Bar +ePrivacy Page


This app provides 2 important features to ensure you are compliant with the GDPR. First, elegantly informs visitors that your store uses cookies based on your policy and gives them the option to consent and even select their preferences. Second, gives your customers a central page to manage their GDPR consent and their rights for their personal data. It is compatible with Oberlo, Kit, Spocket, PushOwl, Printful, Loox, Shippo, Privy, Modalyst, Printify, Judge.me, Recart, ReConvert, Klaviyo, Shogun, Recart, etc, and integrates with Langify, Gtranslate, and other translate apps.

4. GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management


This app is 100% free! It is also a solution that offers cookie management and a dedicated page with GDPR requests/tools (the GDPR/CCPA law requires this). Seamless integration for any store.

You can get up and running in minutes. You have to open the app and enable the consent bar. No coding is required, and it works with any theme!

5. GDPR Legal Cookie


GDPR Legal Cookie covers all requirements of the GDPR and the CCPA, which are necessary for the operation of your shop. This app is recommended by numerous institutions in the EU.

6. Free GDPR Cookie Notice + CCPA


This app helps you can create cookie popups and bars. It allows you to customize in cookie popup & bar: cookie bar placement positions on your page, display cookie notice to only EU users, popup behavior control options, change all colors of the cookie box, customize fonts, colors, banner message,s and more.

7. EU GDPR Cookies Notification


EU Cookies Notification will present your customers with a notification informing them that your store is using cookies. Once the customer agrees to the terms, they won’t see it for 60 days. Present customers with your cookie policy page to fully comply with the EU Cookie Law.

8. GDPR Cookie Compiler


EU cookie compiler will inform all your customers through a banner that your online store or app is using cookies and is working with the EU guidelines. As soon as the customer agrees to the respective terms mentioned in the banner it will be taken off from the screen view.

9. FREE > GDPR Cookie Bar ‑ Kooke


This app is for anyone who has an online store that attracts European visitors. The ePrivacy Directive states that websites must obtain prior informed consent from their European visitors before using most types of cookies that remember data and preferences.

App enables you to comply with European cookie laws instantly. After downloading, installing, and customizing the app, App will present a professional-looking banner each time new visitors arrive at your store, informing them that you are using cookies.

Online visitors can then click to accept cookies to freely give their informed consent. The banner remains in place until the visitor agrees to the use of cookies. After that, it will be hidden from view, only reappearing if the visitor clears cookies from their browsing history.

10. Cookiebot ‑ GDPR compliance


This app makes it dead easy for you to install all the capabilities of Cookiebot on your store, Cookiebot is a solution for compliant use of cookies and online tracking, it supports the following laws:

  • GDPR: General data protection regulations
  • ePR: e privacy directives
  • CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act

11. Announcement Bar& GDPR Consent


In addition to the main feature is creating the announcement bar, this app also creates the EU GDPR Cookie Bar.

12. GDPR+


This is a simple to use and maintain Shopify GDPR app that is as simple as install, customize and enjoy. Once installed, you can customize several settings including the layout and the style. From there, you can notify customers that you are using cookies on your store and get their permission to keep data.

13. Ultimate GDPR EU Cookie Bar


No developers needed! No code added to your theme! In just 1 click, the cookie bar works instantly with any store theme. You can customize the cookie bar without any technical experience using the intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get settings.

14. GDPR Cookie Consent Bar


This app comes with a preset design, which blends in perfectly with any store design. The floating bar is designed with responsive CSS to make sure it fits any screen size appropriately. You also have the freedom to customize color, text, font, and background with just a few clicks right in your app dashboard. Easy and straightforward installation and setup process saves you time and lets you focus on growing your business.

With this app, you can geo-target your GDPR announcement and cookie consent for EU visitors only. That way, you stay compliant with EU regulations as well as stay minimal to visitors from the rest of the world.

This app is entirely free, and it will always be. There are no hidden charges or upsells. Use as long as you want.

15. GDPR Cookie Optimizer


This app helps you to create cookie banner. It allows you to select the position, text, language, and style. A great feature that will allow your banner to blend into your website, instead of stick out like a sore thumb.

16. GDPR Data Compliance Banner EU


App now allows to display customizable cookie bar. More than that – it offers to see all cookie acceptance events in the admin.

17. CB (GDPR Cookie Bar)


CB (GDPR Cookie Bar) is a secure way to provide for your EU customers the GDPR cookie consent bar notification. CB (GDPR Cookie Bar) helps your web store to meet European Union Cookie Law requirements. This application is recommended for all Shopify web store-owners that work with the European target market. Visitors of your website will see a notification, that looks like a cookie consent bar. When they push the button “Agree”, the banner will hide. In this case, it shows up only once and no longer disturbs your customers.

18. GDPR Cookie Bar + CCPA


The GDPR Banner is made to be very easy to install. Within a few clicks and a couple of minutes, you will be able to set up your banner and just forget about it. You won’t have to leave your Shopify admin page since everything is integrated. No developers are needed, you can set up everything yourself.

Customize the GDPR Banner by changing the color scheme, text, and layout of the banner to match the feel of your online store.

19. GDPR Buster


This app is meant to help you get closer to GDPR compliance by using the consent requestor and pixel blocker. GDPR Buster can prevent these platforms from firing pixels and capturing user info before they provide consent for it.

20. FREE Transparency Cookie Bar


This app can help you install a cookie bar on your shop in one click to ensure you are in compliance with the European Cookie Law. One-click to install, totally free!!!

21. GDPR / CCPA CMP by UniConsent



  • Fully customizable multiple stages consent collection pop-ups, bars
  • Multiple languages support
  • Google Tag Manager support
  • Cookies scan and disclosing
  • Consent Analytics and insights
  • Custom Cookies disclose
  • Consent based tags loader
  • Insight data API
  • Authenticated consent
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