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One of the problems with running an e-commerce website is that you’ll have pretty serious requirements for your hosting. Because if you are going to charge payments from credit cards, you’ll need a good speed and at the same time high security. Every second of waiting for the transaction completion you’ll lose a lot of customers. Most studies show that people are willing to wait for it no more than five seconds.

On the other hand, you’ll also need to send credit card information from your customers through additional levels of security. The all-in-one solution like business Shopify themes will allow you to transfer this side of the business to professionals and let them worry about the whole list of issues that arise when connecting with hosting. And Shopify does it especially well. Its sites work fast and integrate with payment systems, so the clients will never wait for the transaction page to load.


  1. Intro
  2. Restaurants eCommerce Shopify Theme
  3. Original Alcohol Online Store Shopify Theme
  4. Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme
  5. Sushi Restaurant Shopify Theme
  6. Convenient Grocery Online Store Shopify Theme
  7. Delicious Sweets & Candies Online Store Shopify Theme
  8. Bar Accessories Shopify Theme
  9. Food Delivery Responsive Shopify Theme
  10. Bakery Responsive Shopify Theme
  11. Coffee Shop Responsive Shopify Theme
  12. Conclusion

1. Aahar – Restaurants eCommerce Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Wrapper Box
  • Theme Color Options
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Ajax Cart & Wishlist

This is a fresh Shopify template. It’s using all the possibilities of web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. In addition, it’s equipped with a popular set of tools which will simplify and speed up the adjustment of the theme. And ease management. Using this theme you will be able to create also both a product catalog and a photo gallery.

2. BR Drink – Original Alcohol Online Store Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Banners
  • Collection List
  • Featured Products
  • Gallery

This is another theme for e-commerce Shopify sites. This template has a unique design that allows editing of all visible layout design elements. Wide opportunities for developing sites of any complexity are provided by the developers. As well as a tight integration of the theme with the most popular e-commerce components and additional styles. The theme has a good optimization so your site will be loaded in a fraction of a second. And also correctly displayed in all modern browsers and mobile devices. It will help you create the site, but don’t forget that the promotion of your online store is also very important and should be done by professionals.

3. SuitUP – Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Wide Customization
  • Multiple Listing Layouts
  • Multiple Layouts Of Product Pages
  • Customizable Home Pages

SuitUP is another multipurpose Shopify theme. Like the other templates of the company, it has a good optimization. It allows the site to load in a fraction of a second. And a convenient built-in theme manager will also allow you to instantly give the original appearance to the site. As well as customize all available page layout parameters. Also, the theme is correctly displayed in all modern browsers and mobile devices.

4. China Town – Sushi Restaurant Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Fully Responsive
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Parallax

This is a new exciting Shopify theme from the same developers. It has a stylish and colorful design, and also uses modern technologies for website development. HTML5 technology gives the site more interactivity and well-optimized code for search engines. The built-in extensions will help to create an attractive look for your site. You’ll also be able to provide greater visibility of the information and greatly increase the capacity and possibilities of the theme. Want to create a website for a sushi restaurant or a cafe? This is the perfect solution!

5. Dexitex – Convenient Grocery Online Store Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Alternative Module Layouts
  • Commenting System
  • Cross-browser Compatibility

This is an exciting and creative theme from the team of professionals. Its focus is on the creation of websites of online stores. The availability of various ready-made design options will be able to meet the needs of any web developer. When creating this, developers took into account the modern approach to the development of Shopify themes that are fully compatible with all devices. Therefore, the theme is equipped with adaptive functions that will allow the adaptation of the page layouts to any screen resolutions.

6. Ms. Candy – Delicious Sweets & Candies Online Store Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Custom Page Templates
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Favicon
  • Google Maps

This is a modern online store theme. It is designed for the most current versions of the Shopify CMS. It’s made in light colors, and the flexible layout design will allow you to refine your own and original appearance to any site thanks to the built-in theme customization functions. An optimized layout is perfect for a convenient demonstration of products on the pages of your future site. The theme is suitable for creating professional online candy store websites.

7. Best Rest – Bar Accessories Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Google Web Fonts
  • Social Options
  • Tooltips
  • Admin Panel

Best Rest is a wonderful and fresh theme. Optimized page layout is perfect for a convenient demonstration of products and services on the site. The theme is equipped with a convenient and functional control panel. From which it’s possible to control the background, menu color, and other parameters of the theme. Also, the theme is correctly displayed on mobile devices running on different operating systems and in all modern browsers. Best Rest is suitable for creating websites of any bars and cafes.

8. Food Delivery Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Bootstrap
  • Online Chat
  • Responsive
  • Retina Ready

This is a new and creative template for modern food delivery projects. Created on a modern and functional Shopify platform. Thanks to which it’s able to adapt to any screen size. And also allows the web developer to provide the user with the site information in an accessible and convenient form. Managing is done with the help of a convenient manager. Using it you’ll have a full control over the arrangement of all elements on the site pages. This is a well-optimized and capable theme.

9. Bakery Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • Booking Form
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • User Registration
  • Search Form

This bakery theme is developed on the Shopify CMS, which allows full control over the styles of the template, as well as using technologies like CSS3. As a result, the template has excellent CSS3 styles. It will look great on any mobile platform thanks to the adaptive layout design. Availability of useful extensions and integrated SEO optimization is the best choice when creating a high-quality site for a bakery or an online store.

10. Coffee Shop Responsive Shopify Theme

Details | Demo

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Valid Coding
  • Semantic Code

This is an attractive theme, designed to create sites for cafes. The theme was created by a team of professionals from TM. The modern design of the theme, combined with the use of the latest technologies and advantages of HTML5 and CSS3, gives the theme an elegant appearance and excellent functionality. And the functional Shopify platform provides support for mobile devices, fast page load speed, good code optimization, and provides full access to the basic parameters of the theme through a special manager. This theme is a worthy choice for your project.

Shopify Alternative

MotoCMS is a multi-functional website builder that provides a large number of important options for your website-building process. These include a user-friendly editing process, eCommerce plugin, and fully-responsive designs. It has an excellent choice for those who have a niche business. An impressive collection of ready-made solutions includes lots of variants to meet your needs. You can find high-quality themes designed for corporate online-projects, small business promotion, personal pages, and other purposes.


First of all, we should mention the opportunity to edit all the website elements in a drag-and-drop way. If you are not familiar with programming, it is not a challenge to build a professionally-looking website. Furthermore, your online-project is going to have a fully-responsive design. It means that people can browse your pieces of content using different devices.

Additional plugins are also waiting for you inside this editor. These include a contact form, Instagram widget, gallery, and many others. Do you have an interest in turning your website into an online store? You can take advantage of multiple eCommerce features provided by MotoCMS. As an example, there is a product catalog, some search options, and other instruments.


Unfortunately, you need to pay for the services of your hosting provider separately.


To get access to MotoCMS, you need to pay only once for the chosen design. After doing this, you can work with this builder and make all the necessary changes. Below, you can get familiar with a pricing table.


If you need an all-in-one solution and you expect to grow and add new products, Shopify is great for you. It comes with a huge number of built-in e-commerce features, that no other platform can accommodate. Shopify provides a platform with all the needed functions and allows you to develop specialized projects, including foods delivery and restaurants. Shopify has a team of developers that specifically work on new applications and attracts new developers to solve problems. So, you won’t have to worry about finding a developer every time you need a feature because it’s most likely already in the Shopify extensions store and will be much cheaper.

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