Top 5+ Unique Colorful Themes For Your Shopify Store

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If you are looking for a unique theme for your Shopify store, you’ve come to the right place! This article will introduce the top 5+ unique colorful Shopify themes. These Shopify themes are multipurpose themes, so you can use them for any store. They offer great features needed for an online store.

Here is a list of the unique Shopify colorful themes in 2024:

1. Moodring: Cute Shopify Theme

With a creative design and a cool color-changing background, the theme is sure to wow visitors and make your store stand out! The theme comes with 100 fun icons, 22 quirky background patterns, 19 sections, 4-page templates, 4 menu layouts, Quick View, email popup, and more.

The theme also comes with a ton of options, from changing colors to turning elements on/off, so that you can tweak the theme and get it looking exactly how you want. No templates are required! Save time and do all your editing entirely within Shopify’s site editor.


2. Fantasia | Shopify Beauty Theme

Fantasia Beauty Shopify Theme is one of the most robust themes yet! It’s compatible with Shopify 2.0 means more sections that this Shopify theme has custom-built for you (not just the regular ones that are defaulted) are available on all page templates. In addition, it’s added the touch of tasteful animations that are applied throughout. Fantasia is all about combining a clean palette, strong typography, dynamic banners, and robust theme sections.

Fantasia Beauty Shopify Theme also comes with built-in drag-and-drop sections where you can add regular images to create a collage unique to your store.


3. Shopify Theme Colorful – Studio Joy

This is a beautiful, bright, and colorful template for your Shopify website. Give your Shopify store a makeover with fun e-commerce banners and a stunning new design.


4. Colorful Shopify Theme | Sunburst

The Sunburst Shopify Theme Bundle is a fun website bundle with a colorful, cool feel that attracts customers. This authentic design was created for online shop owners who are ready for their brand to stand out against the competition.

This design was created for brands like boutique owners, hand-made artisans, jewelers, and other creative business types.

This template requires no coding. All banners can be edited in Canva, and colors+fonts are all in the customizer. Choose to use Shopify’s button feature, or add text to your banners through design. The sky’s the limit here! And if you already have branding in place? No problem–just swap it out with the images and colors provided.

Templates bundle include Home Page Template, About Page Template, FAQs Page Template, Blog, Contact Page Template, Cart, Checkout, Text Logo Design, Favicon Design, Five Editable Banner Designs, and Training Videos for each step.


5. Angkor Wat – Bright Colorful Shopify Theme

Angkor Wat s is a bright, flirty & happy Shopify theme template design for small shop owners, boutiques, hand-made artisans, and other creative business types. This design is loaded and ready to turn site visitors into paying customers.


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