What Is inside Sensational Magetique – Magento 2 Theme?

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Recently, TemplateMonster has released an updated version of the popular Magento 2 theme – Magetique. Since October 17, the product is compatible with Magento version 2.6.6. Furthermore, the vendor fixed a couple of minor issues. Now, websites that use Magetique work faster and their owners don’t experience bugs with a database, header loading, and printable version!

In general, Magetique is one of the best solutions for an eCommerce website.

Firstly, the theme supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages technology. Indeed, this is the greatest Magetique advantage and a substantial SEO bonus. Let’s say if there are two similar websites, the one that supports AMP technology will occupy higher positions in the search results.

Furthermore, an AMP technology contributes to the download speed on the mobile devices. According to Google’s research, AMP pages use 10 times less data than non-AMP pages. Now, the pages loading is 5 times faster than ever. Here is a comparison of the loading time of the AMP and non-AMP page. For this comparison, we used PageSpeed Insights by Google.

Look at the result of the AMP page:

According to this insight, the AMP page refers to one third of the pages with the fastest loading time.

If we compare this one with a non-AMP page, we will see that the page speed is much lower:

The results are clear – AMP pages show better loading speed and are more user-friendly.

Secondly, the theme has a solid marketing toolbox. You will find out what is inside a toolbox later. Still, due to its modification for sales, this magic box is something you need to boost the sales.

Thirdly, Magetique, as well as most of the Magento themes, is packed with a great number of plugins and extensions. You can use 20+ extensions to stuff your eCommerce store with handy elements. You need them to create an appealing look of the site or make the navigation convenient.

These were the key Magetique features but there are even more! In this article, you will familiarize with them. Still, make sure you have considered these 5 things before choosing the theme for your eCommerce site!

8 Things to Consider before Choosing eCommerce Theme

Before purchasing an eCommerce theme, you should pay attention to these features:

  • Intuitive interface with user-friendly and simple elements that are easy to understand;
  • Responsiveness – your website must look good across all devices;
  • Fast loading speed – the lightweight eCommerce template provides the fast download speed and makes the website attractive to Google;
  • SEO-optimization – no comments because there is no sense in purchasing a template without SEO-optimization;
  • Marketing opportunities – banners, featured products, image carousels, pop-up ads, etc.;
  • Social media buttons – the visitors shouldn’t experience difficulties when sharing your content with their friends on social media;
  • Convenient and fast search and easy in use filtering – all this contributes to the positive user experience;
  • Easy customization – it will help to create a unique business identity.

In general, your website should create a positive experience for the customers. It should arouse the desire to come back for another purchase or recommend your website to the others.

Therefore, the theme should provide enough tools, plugins, extensions, and styling options to guarantee this positive experience.

Fortunately for you, Magetique meets the strict requirements of the eCommerce business. So, here is what you will get if you purchase this ultimate Magento product!

5 Full-Fledged and High-Quality Demos

There are 5 ready-made demos that you can customize to your store. You can use a demo for a

  • Car spare parts
  • lingerie
  • furniture
  • bikes and spare parts
  • medical equipment stores

The demos are stylish and neat. They come along with high-quality sliders. These demos are very customizable. For instance, you can change the color of the header or remove the slider. By the way, you can not only change the color of the header or footer but the color of the entire theme. You can choose between pink, green, blue, yellow, red, and beige.

Finally, all demos are packed with a substantial functional. It allows creating an attractive and convenient website that meets your taste!

A Great Number of Extra Options and Premium Extensions

With Magetique, you can save up to $1718 on premium extensions and extra options. The theme already includes such elements as:

You can compare the price of certain extensions on the official Magento marketplace and see how beneficial it is to have many of them in one theme. For instance, on the official marketplace, Social Login extension would cost you $59. Plus, you could pay $20 for the installation service. Still, if you purchase Magetique for $179, you get this extension for free!

Amazing Design Opportunities

You have found out much about technical characteristics. Still, Magetique offers so many design options that you will literally create a candy!

There is a great number of the pre-designed elements. For instance, you can choose between 5 functional headers and 4 footers:

and footers:

Creating a catchy header and informative footer is important for an eCommerce website. Furthermore, it should meet the style of the entire website and the variety of opportunities from Magetique will provide it.

Moreover, you can create a MegaMenu and organize the products in categories and subcategories for the better convenience. In the result, the menu might look like that:

In addition, Magetique is rich in different forms. For instance, you can stuff your website with:

  • Contact form;
  • Advanced search;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • Search form;
  • Login form;
  • User registration.

A great variety of forms contributes to the interaction between you and your customers. Without a doubt, it is important for navigation and proper presence on the website.

The vendor stuffed this Magento theme with some additional features such as:

  • Sliced PSD;
  • Sample content;
  • Back to top button;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Tabs;
  • Live Search;
  • Favicon.

Let’s figure out why these features are that important for an eCommerce website.

Sample content is a user-friendly extension. It allows the visitors of the website change the look of the site. You just create different demo content versions and sample settings to your themes and plugins. You can customize sample content from the admin panel. There, you will also find a grid of screenshots, names, and descriptions.

Tabs and back to top button stand for the informative functionality and an easy navigation of the website. As well as these elements, Live Search is another handy option. This option allows visitors to see the results while they are typing the search inquiry.

Advanced theme options provide an extra functionality of your eCommerce store. For instance, you can add Series taxonomy for a multi-part series of related posts or a Google Custom Search. You can also add analytics or a “leaderboard” ad zone.

Another amazing feature of Magetique is Favicon. This feature means that your website automatically gets an icon that will be displayed in the browsing tabs. An easily identifiable icon is a must-have for effective branding. Having an eye-catching Favicon is about a fast visual search.

This is how the icons of different websites look in the Google Chrome:

The icons of different websites are easy to identify – they all have original logos.

Multi-Currency Option

In order to expand your targeted audience and boost the sales, you definitely need a multi-currency extension. It is already included in this Magento theme. Converting your website into different languages and adding different currencies helps to launch an international eCommerce store.

Again, this is about a positive user experience.

Of course, this theme is 100% responsive. It will be displayed right on any device.

These were the key options that you will get access to if you purchase Magetique – an innovative theme for an online store. You can check out the demo to see how your future website might look like and what other features the product has.

By the way, if you face any issues with installing the theme, you can check out this detailed tutorial. In fact, product installation and customization shouldn’t cause any difficulties. This stress-free process makes Magetique one of the most successful Magento themes ever!

The Bottom Line – Is It Worth Your Attention?

So, Magetique is the right solution if you need to create an eCommerce website, not even mentioning that Magento itself is one of the best CMS for this purpose. The fact that such giants as Adidas, 20th Century Fox, Christian Louboutin, Nike, and other supports this statement.

Among its advantages are, without a doubt, a wide choice of extensions, a solid number of modules and templates, and convenience in use. Plus, this CMS realizes a handy management. It allows delineating the rights in the admin panel between managers, accountants, programmers, and other members.

Speaking of the SEO-optimization, Magento provides optimization of every product page. Moreover, it allows creating XML mapping that will contain the links to all available site pages. This element is a must-have for bots that stand for the right resource indexation.

The last but not the least important advantage of this CMS is that it’s absolutely easy in use and customization.

So, if you can’t decide on the CMS for your future eCommerce website, you should definitely consider Magento and its bestseller – Magetique! For the affordable price, you get a full-fledged solution that you can customize to your taste and the brand identity. Creating an online store on your own is easy. Just make it with Magetique and enjoy the result! 🙂

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