10 Top PowerPoint Templates and Assets for Business

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Do you feel that your PowerPoint-assisted presentations are kind of boring and stale? Do you want to make your audience wow instead? You won’t get the most of PowerPoint if you use only its basic repertoire of tools. However, you can change the situation in a twinkle of an eye if you go for one of the ready-made PowerPoint templates for business.

Why Buying a PowerPoint Template Benefits You?

  • Modern PowerPoint templates bring you an array of graphic designs that strikingly upgrade the way you and your audience perceive a PowerPoint presentation. They heavily rely on the recent trends in web design and deliver the top-notch visual experience that’s based on such principles as cleanliness, sleekness and minimalism.
  • What’s more, the top-notch PowerPoint templates come with 50 – 100 ready-made slides that let you save your time on creating tables, charts, diagrams and other infographics.
  • It’s worth mentioning that modern PowerPoint themes come in 1920×1080 px resolution (Full HD), ensuring the high-quality display of your slides under any circumstances.
  • At the same time, the themes are fully editable. You don’t need any additional graphic software to edit the objects of the template.

So, if you go for one of the latest PowerPoint templates, you’re bound to smashingly modernize the look of your PowerPoint presentation without spending a lot of extra time on customizing it.

Features Your Template Should Include

Choosing the basis of your future presentation, you should check the presence of the following features:

  • Opt for 16:9 aspect ratio templates. They best display on large screens.
  • Make sure that the theme you choose meets the needs of your project.
  • Better choose a theme with multiple color schemes on board. With color schemes, recoloring your presentation takes a couple of clicks.
  • Go for high-quality presentations that are carefully layered and simple-to-customize.
  • If your template has an extra collection of icons on board, it’s also going to be a helpful bonus.

Today, I will introduce to you the most-popular PowerPoint templates of 2019. They incorporate rich collections of premade slides. Each slide is designed to visually structure the data and ideas you introduce using a set of engaging visuals, eye-friendly shapes and trendy colors.

Entorum – Business PowerPoint template with customizable infographics


Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template


Forex – Multipurpose Infographic PowerPoint Template


Forest- PowerPoint Template


Edge PowerPoint Template


Modern Design PowerPoint Template


Pitch Pro PowerPoint Template


Sales Dashboard Presentation PowerPoint Template


MaxPro – Business Plan PowerPoint Template


Business Infographic Presentation – PowerPoint Template


Power Edge – PowerPoint Template


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