YouTube Shopping – Now Available To Eligible Shopify Merchants

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YouTube revealed a partnership with e-commerce provider Shopify to enable users to make purchases without ever leaving the platform.

It means, that YouTube users may see a list of products on the page that a creator believes they might find interesting. For example, in a YouTube video on technology, you can see devices that you can purchase directly from the page using Shopify. Or you’ll see cosmetics on a beauty channel. The creators can manage which products are included using the “Shopping” tab in YouTube Studio.

The whole transaction takes place while a person is viewing a video, which may help YouTube keep visitors who would otherwise leave the site to buy a product elsewhere. Youtube announced that it also intended to add shopping elements to its Live, Shorts, and long-form video content.

How YouTube Shopping works:

  1. Install the Google channel in the Shopify app store.
  2. In the YouTube Shopping section of the Google channel, connect your YouTube account.
  3. Choose which products to feature for YouTube Shopping.
  4. Add products to your videos from Monetization > Shopping.

You can learn more about YouTube Shopping here.

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