ShopMaster has announced to shut down

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ShopMaster has just announced that it will be shut down on 30th April 2021. The reason is given because of the great challenges involved in maintaining a successful service that meets dropshippers’ expectations.

All the subscriptions on ShopMaster have been auto-canceled on 9th March and you can still enjoy the subscription features you have already paid for. ShopMaster will not charge you in the next billing time. In this period, you can still use the auto-order feature until 9th April and publish products until 30th April.

All the data on ShopMaster will be removed later after shut down.

If you are a ShopMaster user you may be interested in this. You can see the full details about ShopMaster shut down here.

ShopMaster is a dropshipping platform that integrates across multiple platforms at the same time, allowing you to use different suppliers from around the world. They allow users to import products from AliExpress, 1688, Amazon and over a dozen more sites to your online store.
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