Shopify’s Latest Promotion: Free Trial & $1/month for 3 Months on Shopify & Advanced Plans

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Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, has recently announced that it will extend its trial offerings to include the Shopify and Advanced plan tiers. Effective from March 6th, 2023, merchants can now take advantage of a 3-day free trial, followed by a $1/month for 3-month paid trial on both the Shopify and Advanced plans.

Update Feb 28, 2024. The Shopify promotion offering $1 for the first 3 months is no longer available. However, you can now sign up for a 3-day free trial with Shopify, followed by paying only $1 for your first month. Learn more.

Shopify 1 dollar per month

When it comes to choosing a Shopify plan, the Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans offer different features and pricing to meet the needs of various businesses. The Basic plan is a great choice for new businesses or those with a limited budget, as it offers essential features such as unlimited products, 2 staff accounts, and a basic website builder. However, it lacks some advanced features like gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, and professional reports that are available in higher plans. The Shopify plan offers more features and benefits, including five staff accounts, advanced report building, and third-party shipping rates calculation. The Advanced plan is the most expensive and offers the most features, including 15 staff accounts, advanced customer segmentation, and advanced fraud detection tools. Additionally, it has the lowest transaction fees among all plans.

Previously, the 3-day free trial and $1/month for a 3-month paid trial were only available on the Starter and Basic plans. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the Starter and Basic packages are ideal for getting started with e-commerce. However, for those who are already familiar with e-commerce or have a larger scale of operations, the Shopify and Advanced packages are a better fit. With this promotion, businesses can now try out these packages for an affordable price.

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For businesses operating on other platforms, switching to Shopify is now more enticing than ever. The ability to try out different packages at an affordable price makes it easier for businesses to see if Shopify is the right fit for them.

This move by Shopify is expected to benefit thousands of merchants who are looking to set up their online stores on the platform. With the extended trial offer, merchants will have ample time to explore the advanced features and functionalities offered by the Shopify and Advanced plans, without having to commit to a long-term subscription.

In conclusion, the extension of the trial offerings to the Basic and Advanced plan tiers is a welcome move by Shopify and one that is expected to benefit merchants in many ways. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to switch to a better platform, Shopify offers a user-friendly and feature-rich experience that can help you succeed in the world of e-commerce.

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