PayPal Launches Return Shopping For Shopify Merchants

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Return Shopping is a new, free revenue stream for Shopify merchants that is a new revenue stream for Shopify merchants. This feature helps drive shoppers to merchants’ e-commerce storefronts within the return experience, helping retain revenue without the accounting challenges associated with exchanging items of different prices.

This feature comes from Happy Returns, a PayPal Company.


  • Happy Returns customers who use the Return & Exchange Portal and Shopify can use the Return Shopping feature for free. This feature is optional and can be turned on through the Happy Returns dashboard for the merchant.
  • Return Shopping is different from exchanges because it keeps the return and the new sale separate. By making a new order, all relevant sales and tax information will be shown correctly in Shopify, where it can be used as a standard order by all systems that come after it.
  • With this feature, merchants can offer customized incentives to shoppers, such as a discount on the new sale or the option to not charge a fee for processing the return.
  • The return portal takes shoppers to the merchant’s online storefront, where they can see the latest products and find out if they are still in stock.
  • Since the new sale is not tied to the return, shoppers don’t have to send back any items before the new items can be sent out. Shoppers can also choose a different shipping address and method than what they used for their first order.
  • Merchants can also keep track of sales and make changes to their incentives. They can also see new orders, the total value of orders, how long it takes customers to pay, and how often carts are abandoned.

This feature is available to both new and existing customers who use the Happy Returns’ Return & Exchange Portal on Shopify. It supports Australian, American, and British English, Dutch, French (Canada and France), German, Italian, and Spanish.

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