The Email Mistakes That Ruin Your Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most popular internet marketing tools today. This form is marketing via email protocol. Through that, businesses can build their business relationships with customers. The purpose of Email Marketing is to build relationships with new customers and maintain and take care of existing customers, which will help business continuity. However, in fact, the average person can receive a lot of emails every day, and maybe if you don’t know how or do it wrong, marketing with this tool will become meaningless, a marketing email that you put a lot of effort into creating will be forgotten In this article, I will list the common mistakes you make when you use email marketing tools so that you have a perfect marketing channel and bring high efficiency.

The email mistakes that ruin your marketing:

1. Subject line is missing

Email subject lines play a very important role in helping your customers distinguish between marketing messages and spam. This will help them decide whether to click to read or ignore. Email marketing subject lines are the first step to getting customers’ attention. A subject that excites readers, they will immediately open the email. Conversely, customers will even click unsubscribe if the email is not valuable to them. In an email, the subject line is the most difficult, because it must first pass through the spam filters and then attract the recipient’s attention, and moreover, the subject matter of the message will help the customer. Customers clearly understand the content to be exchanged, and at the same time, it is easy to categorize emails, it is easier to find them later.

2. Displays on other browsers or apps

According to statistics, about 70% of customers often check and read mail through mobile devices. This means that when you conduct email marketing, besides making sure the content is good, concise, and fully conveys your message, the email will show up on all types of devices. or browser is also an important factor. It will be a waste of your work if you have taken care of the content of your messages, but they are displayed incorrectly or not display on different browsers of customers. To have complete email marketing and does not have any problems You need to be aware of this.

3. Having multiple calls of action or none at all 

For email marketing, in addition to compelling, valuable content, a call to action (CTA) is a very important element to lead customers to take the action you want. A good call to action is to get more customers to take the action you’ve called for right away, not ignore it. Email marketing will be meaningless without any CTA or there are too many CTAs. Sufficient, but effective. That’s the tip. Put the CTAs section in someplace in your email marketing content that readers can see whether they’re moving the entire content or just skimming the email. This ensures that the customer will receive your call, the motivation of the call is also higher and you will achieve the desired performance.

4. Check again for the last time

This is a simple, time-consuming step to perfect email marketing, but most of us often overlook it. Maybe you are very confident about your writing experience and you think that the content you want to convey will bring a high level of understanding. However, it would be silly when after just one click, a bunch of messages has been sent and you realize that there is an unnecessary mistake. This error could be spelling, alignment, space, or a mistaken or faulty link. Moreover, a marketing email with too many errors or such unnecessary mistakes will affect your brand to customers. Maybe customers will think that you don’t really take good care of your customers. Please take a few minutes to re-read your email before sending it to make it more effective.

5. Ignoring the right timing

The time of day sending factor also greatly affects whether customers read your mail or not. For example, engagement rates will be best between 8 am and 10 am and from 3 am to 4 pm. According to studies, emails sent during these times always have a 6 times higher open rate and click-through rate than other times of the day. However, this also depends a lot on your audience and the region in which you are doing business. To be highly effective in email marketing, you need to carefully understand the factors that determine this interaction.

These are the common mistakes in the process of perfecting email marketing. You can refer and apply in your working process to not make the same mistakes. Hope you use the email marketing method successfully.

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