October 2020 Selling Guide

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The month of October starts the full swing into the fall season, and with it comes many new opportunities. Here we have compiled a few notable days in the month of October (aside from Halloween of course) that can serve as a selling jackpot. All you need is the right marketing pizazz for a killer sales season.

October Niche Events

Oct 1st – International Coffee Day

What would we do without coffee? The world runs on it. Appeal to your customers with this nearly universal sentiment. Everything from mugs and t-shirts to phone covers can be adorned with a snazzy tribute to the wonders of coffee for a surefire best-seller.

Call-to-Action Suggestions

  • Look on the bright side, at least there isn’t a coffee shortage! View our limited time sale on coffee mugs.
  • Give a gift that someone will actually end up using! Visit our site for unique coffee mugs.

Oct 5th – World Teachers’ Day

This date takes on a special significance this year. Teachers should be celebrated for embracing their role as essential workers and educators in communities around the world. Embellish your products with encouraging words of support for all of the brave men and women teachers out there.

Call-to-Action Suggestions

  • Show appreciation for the educators in your community. Shop our products.
  • Start the coming school year on the right foot with a token of appreciation for our teachers. Browse our products.

Oct 5th – World Habitat Day

It isn’t hard to raise awareness or generate support for environmental topics these days. Speak to the eco-conscious consumer and promote care of the planet with specialty t-shirts, phone covers and posters.

Call-to-Action Suggestions

  • Spread the word and message of World Habitat Day. Check out our products.
  • Remind everyone to take care of our one and only home. Purchase stylized merch.

Oct 16th – World Boss Day

Everybody loves to hate them, but you can’t live without ’em! Take a stab at some sarcastic but funny messages on your products about the love/hate relationship between bosses and their staffs.

Call-to-Action Suggestions

  • Liven up the office with some whitty appreciation for the boss. Browse our items.
  • Want to stand out in the office? Buy your boss a quirky coffee mug from our selection.

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Source: TeeChip’s Blog

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