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Video is an effective marketing tool to sell your brand’s products.

By 2022, online videos will drive more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. It’s imperative for your small business to explore how video can attract and maintain your audience’s attention.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. To grow your website traffic, you must give consumers informative, entertaining video content.

Start getting more customers to your site today. Below are five video formats to help sell your products.

1. Product Videos

Product videos help consumers better understand your product line. Research shows that viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video.

A product video is a marketing ad. So, you want to develop a straightforward video that doesn’t confuse your audience. It should include the logo of your small business and align with the brand’s overall mission.

You also don’t want to bore people once they press play. Aim to capture their attention with a compelling story. In a few seconds, your content should intrigue people to continue watching the video.

Apple takes a modern approach to their product videos. They combine simple camera angles with the latest hip-hop music to tell their story.

Stay away from scare tactics in your product video. Rather than focusing on the negatives, give consumers a sneak peek into how they would feel once they make the purchase.

Moreover, make sure to include calls to action in your product videos. What’s the next step you want the viewer to take? It’s not always a link to the sales page. You might guide them to an email offer or another video.

2. Demo Videos

Demo videos are essential sales tools. These videos should provide clear instructions for your audience to understand. If done well, they will help you secure more sales.

When creating your demo video, think about the value of your product and how it solves the consumer’s problem. Your goal is to show them how your product makes their lives better.

“Demo videos aren’t generally considered top-of-funnel content so you can go a bit longer on length, but don’t bite off more than your viewers can chew. Keep your demo videos to the point, walk viewers through one action, and do it succinctly,” says Jon Spenceley, former content and social media manager at Vidyard.

The demo video below gives the viewer step-by-step instructions. Each statement follows an action by the person demonstrating the product. They also don’t rush to the next step giving the viewer enough time to process what’s happening.

Your on-air talent for these videos must bring his or her infectious personality. You want the video to exude enthusiasm. Record someone who can deliver happiness and trustworthiness with a big smile.

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos build the trust factor with your consumers. It’s an opportunity for them to hear honest feedback from actual customers.

This type of video works well when hesitant buyers need an extra push. They already recognize the problem and need. The testimonial video influences them to visit the checkout page and click purchase.

When asking customers to appear on testimonial videos, it’s important that you respect their time by mapping out what you want to achieve. Prepare specific questions to ask them.

Avoid asking anything that triggers a vague response. You want questions to trigger thoughtful answers. A simple format is to set up the situation, state the problem, and elaborate on the solution.

Omada Health’s testimonial video starts with the customer explaining how their company outshines the competition. Then, the video continues by highlighting other major benefits.

Record your testimonial video in a comfortable setting. Scout all available options in your office space; you may even decide to shoot outside in a park.

You also don’t want customers to memorize lines. It will seem disingenuous to your audience. Follow these tips for collecting great customer testimonials.

4. Company Culture Videos

Company culture matters. Consumers no longer buy from brands just because they have something they need. Potential customers also want to know more about your brand’s culture.

A company culture video helps tell your small business story and sets expectations for your audience. Consider it a matchmaking tool to connect you to buyers with shared values. It represents how you want the public to perceive you.

The company culture video should help increase trust amongst your audience. Let actual employees talk about what makes your brand unique. This technique will establish a personal connection with viewers.

“Corporate culture videos need to showcase real employees, as opposed to just the c-level and hardcore brand advocates. When we see a smile that’s a little too big, we question the credibility of the content,” states Phil Strazzulla, founder at NextWave Hire.

In the company culture below, Annie’s Homegrown showcases what makes their brand special. Employees express why they love the company and how the company supports its customers and staff.

Company culture videos also can attract new hires to your small business. So, it’s an effective promotional tool for your company’s growth.

5. Thank You Videos

A simple thank you means a lot. By producing a thank you video, you open doors to connecting with your audience with no-strings attached.

Give your thank you video a clear objective. What do you want to say? Why are you thankful? Who will receive the video message?

In your video, let consumers know the impact they have had on your business. You can highlight the number of products sold or how their support led to a huge charitable donation.

Thank you videos work well during the holidays. It shows customers that you value their business, and you’re committed to selling high-quality products.

Experiment with different settings to capture your on-camera gratitude. Maybe you’ll stand in front of your office building. Or you might decide to click record on your laptop.

iZotope’s thank you video is a genuine without any marketing jargon. It’s unscripted and explains why the company loves their customers so much.

Thank you videos are meant to illustrate authenticity. No one likes a contrived thank you message. Instead, you want to create a heartfelt video that shows your appreciation.

Produce More Videos

Video offers your small business an opportunity connect with consumers. From demos to testimonials, you can highlight every aspect of your brand. Once you produce your videos, it’s time to share them with the world. Make sure to embed your videos on your website, and promote them via social media.

Source: Hostgator’s Blog

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