How To Do Personalized Email Marketing For eCommerce Store?

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If you are doing Shopify dropshipping business, you will need to market and promote your store and products. E-mail marketing is one of the good ways to advertise your site. Personalized mail marketing can greatly increase the click-through rate and click ratio of your marketing e-mail. The key to any success of email marketing is to make the content more personalized. This article describes four common ways to personalize email marketing and boost the growth of marketing email conversions.

1. Marketing email to Target Audience

According to the types of your target audience, you need to personalized e-mail content which will attract potential customers’ feeling of it, thus can improve the response rate. The most basic classification is age and gender. For example, men’s clothing and women’s clothing are recommended to male and female consumers respectively. In addition, different products and styles can be displayed in email content based on age.

In addition, sellers can add unique elements to the subject line or preheader text, which generally increases the mail click-through rate. For example, adding local events or recent news may attract the recipient to open the mail.

2. E-mail Marketing Based on Consumer Purchase Habits

Focusing on the types of products that consumers buy usually to start your mail marketing is more effective than based on target audience marketing. Because same audience may not be interested in the same types of products. Kohl’s study found that those who purchased children’s products responded more to children’s related marketing e-mail. When Kohl’s personalized e-mail marketing follows consumer purchase history, the retailer’s sales of children’s products have risen then.

3. Start mail Marketing from a Number of Data Dimensions

Buying history can tell sellers a lot of customer information, but it is not a panacea. For example, if the consumer buys a gift, then email marketing also recommends the gift, which is not related to customers’ future purchase plan. Therefore, the combination of audience type, consumer behavior and purchase history, etc…, will help predict customers future purchases plan. Adjusting your email content based on multiple data dimensions is the key to optimizing mail marketing.

4. Customized Email Sending Time

Everyone receives and looks through his/her daily e-mails at a different time. Some people may browse inbox several times per hour, but some may wait until the end of the day to review the mail. Sending marketing emails to the recipients who are most likely to open it will be better at boosting sales growth.

But it’s hard to know when consumers may check email. Some email service providers now offer tools that help sellers analyze user email interactions time and sellers can adjust delivery times for marketing emails accordingly. For example, JustFab, a women’s fashion retailer, reported a 40% increase in sales after using customize e-mail sending time. In addition, conversions can also be made by sending marketing emails when consumers give up adding a product to the shopping cart or browsing a specific category.

Source: ShopMaster

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