14 SEO tasks for your Shopify store

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  1. Look for and remove duplicated content. Nothing kills a site like duplicated content. So get rid of it immediately.
  2. Check the navigation menu and usability. Make sure your site has a simple navigation menu and all links are related. To achieve this, you can use the “architecture” and site design.
  3. Use a “responsive” design. Previously, the compatibility of the site with mobile phones was not an urgent need, now it is not. According to Google, most searches come from mobile phones, not from computers. So make sure your site looks good on a small screen. To do this, use the method of “responsive” design.
  4. Configure Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. To get your pages indexed correctly and quickly, use the tools from Google. They will help to consolidate the position of your site in the search results.
  5. Check if your site is indexed. You need to double check whether your site is indexed by Google. This means that robots “crawl” on your site, as a result of which it is visible in the search results. To check this, log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account and click on “Google Index” to see the total number of pages being indexed. Check if everything is in order!
  6. Pre-search for keywords. To make SEO promotion effective, choose keywords in advance. If you know the top search queries, you can create the right content and backlinks.
  7. Create accounts for local search. The sooner you create accounts for local search, the better. This should be done to attract customers nearby.
  8. Share quality content. Publish quality content. It will be easier for Google robots to index your site, and you will attract new readers. The most important thing is to publish articles at the same time every day.
  9. Create a company image. As soon as you have a content creation team and you have made a schedule for publications, you can take the quality of your content to a new level. Create a company image through communication with customers, fashion articles, infographics, interviews, videos, etc.
  10. Build customer relationships. Make a brand from your name. So, links will be increased in a natural way, and also the number of reposts will increase.
  11. Edit the title tags. When you publish an article, you should create a title for it. But the title tags must be changed and optimized. Break pages into categories so that they attract only the correct people.
  12. Build backlinks. Remember that SEO is not just about backlinks; it’s about readers. Build relationships with people, try to understand your audience and create high-quality content.
  13. Use SEO tools. There are so many different SEO tools that will help you in your promotion. But, for a start, you need to understand the basics, before going into details.
  14. Keep up with SEO news and blogs. This is very important, although at first, it will be very difficult to keep track of all the news and blogs.
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