8 Types Of Corporate Videos To Boost Your Sales

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Unlocking the power of video content is so important in today’s digital landscape. However, video is also a strategic asset that can help you guide a prospect through each stage of the buying process and retain their loyalty. By choosing the right videos, you can educate your prospects about your services and help them make the best decision. Yet, before embarking on this creative endeavor, it’s essential to discern the optimal video format for your objectives. What types of videos are most effective for each stage of your prospect’s buying journey? To answer this, you need to have a clear understanding of your prospect’s and buyer’s journey and the content they are seeking at each step. Here are the types of corporate videos you should consider to attract and convert your viewers into customers.

1. The Educational Video

The introductory video serves as the essential starting point for online audiences. Its primary purpose is to enlighten viewers about pertinent issues while imparting fundamental knowledge about relevant products or services.

Contrary to promotional content, this video aims to subtly elucidate potential solutions to everyday challenges or goals.

Typically concise, these educational videos span less than 2 minutes, employing animations, scenes, or scrolling text to dispense valuable advice.

Ultimately, their brevity aims to prompt viewers to engage further by following on social media platforms or subscribing to newsletters for continued access to invaluable insights.

2. The Introductory Video

Introducing brand values and ethos through carefully crafted introductory videos is an impactful strategy to engage with prospective clients. Unlike conventional advertisements that solely focus on product or service promotion, these videos serve a dual purpose: to inform and to captivate.

Strategically placed on your homepage or YouTube channel, these videos succinctly encapsulate the essence of your brand, offering a swift yet compelling overview. This presents a unique opportunity to leave a lasting positive impression on your audience from the outset.

3. The Explanatory Video

Having identified their needs, your prospect is now primed for an elucidating video experience. The objective here is to articulate precisely how your solutions address their challenges.

This isn’t about overt promotion extolling the virtues of your products or services. Instead, the focus lies in presenting real-life scenarios that potential customers might encounter, showcasing the efficacy of your offerings through factual customer case studies.

You can approach this by addressing specific problems or objectives and illustrating the sequential steps involved in implementing your solution. This approach enables prospects to grasp the journey toward resolving their pain points comprehensively.

Such videos serve to humanize your company, providing insights into its values. This is the opportune moment to captivate the prospect, not solely through the efficacy of your services but also through the resonance of your corporate culture. By aligning with their values, you can guide them toward a favorable decision.

Unlike introductory videos that offer a brief glimpse into your business, explanatory videos delve deeper, elucidating your offerings and compelling reasons for prospective clients to engage with your brand.

These videos are designed to be both engaging and reassuring, delivering substantive information while accentuating the quality of your company’s services.

4. The Product Video

Now is the opportune moment to showcase your products effectively through meticulously crafted product videos.

These videos are purposefully designed to deliver a compelling presentation of your offerings without any ambiguity. They succinctly outline the key features and benefits of the product or service, all while maintaining a meticulous aesthetic appeal. This approach is crucial in instilling confidence in your prospects and driving them towards making a purchase decision.

Whether demonstrating the practical application of your product or service or simply highlighting its standout features, these videos serve as a powerful tool to sway prospects in favor of your brand over competitors. While the format offers flexibility, it’s imperative to ensure dynamism and captivation throughout. It’s advisable to keep the duration within the 3-4 minute range to sustain audience engagement effectively.

5. The Tutorial Video

As the prospect reaches the culmination of their journey, equipped with the knowledge of necessary solutions, it is important to convincingly position your company as the premier choice to assist them.

In today’s era where do-it-yourself (DIY) culture reigns supreme, consumers are inclined towards learning various skills and techniques. Thus, it’s no surprise that tutorials have emerged as immensely popular content across platforms like YouTube and social networks.

Tutorials serve as an invaluable opportunity to elucidate the functionality of your products, showcase diverse applications, and highlight the objectives they fulfill.

In crafting tutorial videos, it’s essential to not only showcase your strengths but also underscore your unique value proposition in comparison to competitors, all while maintaining a respectful tone without directly mentioning or disparaging them.

6. Testimonial Video

Simultaneously, conducting interviews with your customers and experts holds significant reassuring value for the prospect. The aim is to persuade through compelling narratives: customer testimonials enable prospects to resonate with real-life experiences and envision how your offerings can address their needs, while interviews with employees instill confidence in your company’s expertise.

Whether answering inquiries or expounding on the product or service in question, the interview must maintain a seamless flow and exude energy to captivate the audience effectively.

7. Corporate Video

Now is the opportune moment to delve deeper into the comprehensive presentation of your business. Corporate videos offer a unique avenue to showcase your brand by providing a more immersive glimpse than what is typically conveyed.

Functioning as an animated counterpart to your website’s “About” page, corporate videos aim to unveil the personalities behind your brand, evoke your corporate culture, and convey the ethos of your employees. They offer a behind-the-scenes perspective of your company, featuring interviews with the CEO, highlighting your team, and portraying a humanizing narrative that embraces a more offbeat tone.

Furthermore, this video format can seamlessly incorporate live video elements on social media platforms, fostering a sense of closeness and connection with your prospects, thereby enhancing engagement and rapport.

8. Social video

While a concise social media post holds the potential for garnering considerable visibility and engagement, its impact is often eclipsed by the transformative potential of a meticulously crafted video specifically designed for dissemination across these digital platforms. Videos, with their dynamic visual and auditory elements, possess a unique capacity to evoke emotive responses, capture audience attention, and facilitate deeper levels of engagement.

Through compelling storytelling, immersive visuals, and strategic messaging, these videos can leave a lasting impression, driving brand awareness, fostering consumer loyalty, and ultimately, influencing purchase decisions.


In conclusion, the utilization of various types of corporate videos presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to enhance their sales strategies and drive growth. By leveraging types of corporate videos – including introductory videos, educational videos, product videos, testimonials, interviews, tutorials, corporate culture videos, and promotional videos – companies can effectively engage with their target audience, showcase their products or services, highlight their brand values, and ultimately, influence purchasing decisions. Each type of corporate video serves a unique purpose in the sales process, from building brand awareness and credibility to providing in-depth product information and fostering customer trust. By incorporating a comprehensive video marketing strategy that encompasses these types of corporate videos, businesses can elevate their sales efforts, increase conversions, and establish a strong competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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