Successful Side Hustle Tips to Plan Your Time Better

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Nowadays, people are more likely to get started working on a passive source of income. And even though the market is exploding from new businesses opened every day, especially the eCommerce world, many people still manage to find a side hustle.

And it is great – instead of going the easiest way and taking a loan when you get the money without doing anything but have to repay a much bigger sum, they work a little harder to save money for whatever they need. The biggest problem with side hustles is time management – when you already have a main full-time office job, it may be difficult to plan your time.

Of course, it highly depends on your daily job and the type of side hustle that you choose. For example, if you work as a freelance graphic designer or copywriter, surely you have a deadline, but it doesn’t really matter at what hour you come back from your main job and start working on the side hustle. In order to find the best side hustle, you can check out the best online jobs that pay. As for managing your time and making the most out of those hours you have to spare, the tips below ought to be of great use for that.

Tip #1: Have a Proper Workspace

Even though it is a side hustle, if you want to make serious money out of it, you should also take it as seriously as your main full-time office job. Make sure that you have a proper workspace at your home; this way, you will be much more able to focus and become way more productive. If you do not have a place to work, go and buy yourself a desk – it is not that expensive, and it will definitely be worth it.

Having a workspace is very important psychologically. This is because your brain is used to understanding home as a place to rest and entertain yourself, not work. Having a workspace will help you feel more like it is a real job and take it more seriously.

More to it, avoid working in bed – if you overdo this, it may cause some serious insomnia issues in the future and make you even more unproductive during the day, when you struggle to work on your projects. Also, when you eat – eat in the kitchen or in the dining room, but never in your workspace. Save the space of work for work only.

Tip #2: Get Rid of Distractions

Humans probably never lived in a world that would be more distracting than it is today. With all of the notifications coming through all of our devices – computers, phones, smartwatches, tablets, and whatnot – it is very hard to focus.

More to it, most people tend to form unhealthy habits, like checking their phone every other minute to see if something new has happened and just mindlessly scrolling through pointless content. So social media can boost eCommerce sales if you are running an online store but it can also distract you.

To solve this issue, turn off the unnecessary notifications on your computer, and if you are not receiving calls regarding your job, it would be best to keep your phone put away while you are working. This might sound like school again, but at least give it a go, and you will see a huge difference between your productivity levels – how much work you got done with your phone in hand and how much you have done without it.

Also, even though you are working from home, no matter what is your side hustle – you might be programming or designing wedding invitations, keep away from distractions like Netflix. Focus for work – even though you may not need to read or write something when you work, but if you start watching tv series, you will inevitably get sucked into it and stop working for periods of time.

Tip #3: Be Consistent With Your Work Hours

Even though, as mentioned – if you are a freelancer and your deadline is after a week, sure, you can work randomly whenever you want to and whenever you feel like it. But usually, the people who tend to work on such chaotic schedules end up finishing their projects on the last night before the deadline.

This is because if you keep waiting until you are in the mood for work – this may never happen because work is not fun or entertainment; work is work. So if you want to manage your time better, you should be consistent with your work time. Stick to hours that work for you and keep to that schedule. Though be sure that there are no problems with missing deadlines.

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