Why Business Owners Should Target Social Media Sales this 2020

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Do you run a small business and wonder if you should expand on the online market? How could social media benefit your brand and increase your visibility and sales in 2020? Our article looks at some ways that social media marketing could help expand your venture and target new regular customers.

Social media marketing may feel like an oversaturated space in 2020. After all, with all the different competing ads, can your business stand out amid the crowd? Yes, and we’re here to tell you why! Think about it – even with millions of competitors, sites like the book of ra deluxe still generate huge revenue from online advertising. So, ignore the doomsday nay-sayers who claim that social media is dead in the water. From increasing brand loyalty to connecting with a whole new customer base, social media sales are the way to boost your business this year.

Social Media Advertising Gives Great ROI

Investing in social media marketing will generally pay out a lot more than you pay in. Maintaining a brand Facebook or Instagram account may sound time-consuming, but hiring someone to manage these accounts will often pay for it in increased sales. This is because the reach of social media is so great compared to the time and money involved. A relevant and snappy Twitter comment can generate huge traffic on your site and takes only a few minutes to prepare. Ensure the content you put out there is representative of your brand and stay on top of current events and social media trends. You don’t need to jump on the back of every passing hashtag, but strong social media management builds your online personality. If potential customers can follow a consistent social media feed that shows your brand values and what you stand for, they are likely to investigate further.

Other great ROI options for social media advertising include running paid ads on social media platforms or teaming up with another platform’s sales space. For example, Facebook has great options for running canvas campaigns and DPAs that target core demographics and can massively enhance online traffic. Meanwhile, Instagram shoppable redirects browsers viewing your products straight to your website for ultimate customer engagement.

Attract Targeted Clientele

While social media advertising can expand the number of potential customers reached, it can also effectively narrow and target it to attract customers who want your products. This is vital for growing your business. After all, a casino €1 offer may attract a huge audience but will only be truly effective if it reaches the right people who want to spend money. Social media managers know the best strategies to hit your target audience through a good social media campaign. Targeted online ads mean you can engage with your customers during their online store journey and prompt and facilitate buying behaviors at certain points with chatbots. Similarly, you can aim online ads at certain demographics by adding customers to your social media platforms and ensuring that ads show up on your customer base’s newsfeed. This way, even customers who have only shopped with you once will be reminded of your online presence.

Track Customer Behavior 

Social media marketing gives you an instant, interactive connection to your customers, which is invaluable for intuitive marketing. Most social media platforms contain an analytics page, where you can essentially keep tabs on who engages with your content. Through this, you can learn who views your products, tap into the age-range and gender of your audience, and discover which times they are most active online. Knowledge is power, and when you know your audience, you can supercharge your sales. If you know your audience is most active in the mornings, use it to boost online promotions or update your product page. You can also enhance website copy and SEO to suit your demographic.

Make the Most of UGC 

User-Generated Content (UGC) can seriously enhance your impact as a social media brand and an online trader. UGC refers to posts, reviews, comments, and direct engagements that you have with your customers online or that your customers post about you elsewhere. While it may seem daunting to open your brand up to the world like this, these customer responses are vital to improving your brand and growing your business. The key thing to realize about UGC is that it is dynamic. You can watch customers engage with your social media management and your products in real-time. If something gets overwhelmingly positive, UGC seizes this opportunity to do more of it. Promote offers and products that customers rave about and use UGC testimonials in your promotions. Similarly, you can tweak and change products that get more negative responses, and this shows your customer base that you care and that you listen to their needs.

Increase Relatability and Customer Loyalty

All these tips so far have one thing in common – they’re surefire ways to build customer loyalty. In the age of influencer marketing, customers demand authenticity and good ethics from the brands they choose. Social media platforms instantly give your organization a face and prevent any sterile, corporate feel that may put modern customers off. If customers feel that your organization is authentic and genuinely has their customer’s best interests in mind, rather than just your profits, they will likely return. Over time, this relatability builds up brand loyalty. Social media accounts often get a bad name for breeding narcissism and being full of people bragging. But, when you’re trying to generate sales, you need to brag a bit. How else will customers know how great your products are? Social media is a great space to show off and update your customer base on any achievements. If you win an award, participate in a campaign that benefits the environment, or make an ethical change to your products, your customers want to know. Share these achievements on social media and watch your audience grow!

Influencers Shift Products

A key piece of advice for anyone running an online business in 2020 is to never underestimate the power and scope of the social media influencer. Fans buy what their favorite influencers recommend and will often remain customers, if they like the first purchase. Influencers have their audience’s trust and will often review products honestly, which leads to fans seeing them as credible. Influencers also have vast social media networks that can reach thousands of customers who are not in your demographic and would probably not encounter your products elsewhere. This is something that any good brand social media manager will know is worth taking advantage of. Remember when you’re working with influencers that influencers are also their brand. Don’t try to force them to sell your products in a way that doesn’t gel with their style – this may lead you to a bad review. Instead, check out an influencer’s reputation beforehand and only work with those who give trusted product reviews and agree to work roughly to your brief.

Everything Is Moving Online

2020 has changed everything in terms of global markets, and social media is no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven people off the high streets and meant that online businesses have an advantage. Social media marketing necessarily plays a role in this. Don’t get left behind – get your business online today!

Final Call

Have you recently branched out into social media marketing?

How has this changed your business model, revenue and sales? How do you make use of social media platforms? Share your tips and advice in the comments!

Author Bio:

Thomas Glare is a freelance blogger. Through his extensive research, he has written many articles and blog posts about digital marketing and how to yield results in a short period. Thomas spends time interacting with important stakeholders in the marketing sector to get first-hand information. He also implements social strategies for leading brands such as Novoline online.

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