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Easter is quickly becoming one of the most important retail days of the year, and for a good reason; In 2016, U.S consumers spent over $17.3 billion during the Easter holiday weekend, with millennials spending the most out of all age groups.

Because of the revenue generation potential, more and more businesses use the holiday weekend for promotions and specials, and your online store should be no exception.

eSellers should view Easter weekend as a great time to unload winter inventory, gain new clients and increase revenue generation.

If you’re late to the game or want some last-minute tips on how to boost your Easter campaigns, all you need to do is continue reading below.

Make Everything an Egg Hunt

When consumers think about Easter, they may not think about shopping, but they do think about egg hunts. Use that to your advantage and create a digital Easter egg-hunt, only instead of finding eggs, let your consumers find exclusive offers and discount codes.

Consider sending out email campaigns leading up to the digital egg hunt and providing past clients with an added incentive to come back to your online store for Easter specials. Other places to “hide” your digital Easter eggs include on specific product pages, on social media sites and your homepage.

One of the most important things to remember is that egg hunts are fun, and so any digital Easter egg hunt should have an element of gamification.

Upsell by Creating Bundles

Since shoppers are more inclined to shop over the holiday weekend, a great way to boost revenue is by creating product bundles. Bundling is a top strategy to increase sales, and holiday weekends are a great time to take advantage of this.

By placing together top items with products your customers may have overlooked, and creating an attractive offer for both, you are increasing revenue generation potential as well as the chance of unloading inventory.

Bundles do not have to be for past seasons inventory only; Easter weekend bundles can be an excellent opportunity to increase new product awareness at special prices.

Make sure to create bundles with careful consideration for the package content and the holiday weekend. Otherwise, your bundles will not be an effective revenue generation tool. Consider creating a gift-bundle for shoppers to purchase for friends and family over the holiday weekend to maximize upsell potential.

Ship Quickly

Online shoppers shopping in the days (and even hours) before Easter may be purchasing for their friends and family and not just for themselves. Because of this, it is essential to offer expedited shipping options.

If you are not part of a quick fulfillment program, such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), consider joining ASAP to ensure you can offer your customers fast shipping on all products purchased during the holiday weekend.

Maximize Marketplace Listings

If you sell your products on an online marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, etc., take the time to optimize your product listings for the holiday weekend.

Many eSellers will be competing over products during Easter weekend, which is why your product listing is crucial. Make sure to include holiday buzzwords and top searched-for terms in your product listings.

If you are running special holiday offers, include them in your listing. Remember to use descriptive language and visuals that are Easter appropriate to maximize visibility and sale potential.

Remember the Candy

Aside from Easter egg hunts, candy is a big part of the holiday. Use that to your advantage and offer “candy” to all consumers.

Whether this means real candy that you include in your packages or additional offers such as discount codes, make sure to provide consumers with something extra sweet this Easter.

Top Tips for Amazon Sellers

If you are one of the millions of eSellers that sells goods on Amazon, you will have to work extra hard to stand out during Easter weekend. Aside from optimizing product listings in advance and making sure to have holiday specific content and visuals, you should make sure you are eligible for Amazon Lighting Deals.

Since lighting deals are special time-sensitive promotions, they are perfect for Easter weekend. To participate in Amazon lightning deals over Easter Sunday, your store must have a sale history with a minimum 3.5-star rating.

The Payment Landscape

Easter sales are not country-specific, and as such, you may see more international consumers purchasing goods on your online store. To make sure currency exchanges, VAT payments, etc. do not impact your revenue generation negatively, make sure you have an international payment solution in place.

As one of the leading payment platforms in the world, Payoneer can help you during the Easter holiday. To learn more, click below, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Source: Payoneer’s Blog

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