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eCommerce also is known as Electronic Commerce is the exchange of goods and money online. eCommerce allows you to buy and sell online. Amazon, Flip Kart and Ebay are one of the best examples. Affiliate Marketing is another of the new term introduced in e-commerce.

If you don’t have products or services Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell the product or services of others for which you will receive a commission upon the successful sale of each product. It allows you to promote other products either through a website or a mobile app. While you have to perform extensive SEO in Affiliate Marketing in order to rank your products higher in the search engines and to generate sales.

Types of eCommerce

Different types of e-commerce exist based on.

  • Where you sold your products?
  • Who purchases your products?
  • What type of products you sold?

However, without diving deep into the theory we will discuss the four major types of e-commerce.

  • B2B Ecommerce: In Business to Business e-commerce one business sells its products or services to other business i.e. ISP Providers
  • B2C Ecommerce: In Business to Consumer e-commerce one business sells its products or services to consumers i.e. the pizza hut delivering pizza to customers.
  • C2C Ecommerce: In Consumer to Consumer e-commerce consumer sell his/her products or services to another consumer i.e. dealing on OLX
  • C2B Ecommerce: In Consumer to Business e-commerce consumers sell their products or services to business i.e. customers reviews and feedbacks.

How to start your eCommerce Business?

Finding a Product or Niche

The first step in starting a successful e-commerce business is to pick up a viral niche like dressing, electronics, games, and moves nowadays. However, if you start with a competitive niche, the competition will be very high there.

You have to invest a portion of your time and money in order to be successful in a competitive niche. For this you can adapt the less competitive niche i.e. you can pick up the highly competitive niche and can choose less competition sub-niche in it.

For example, if you want to go for laptops you can pick up the less competitive keywords like Best Laptops for Engineering Students, Best Laptops for Medical Students and so on.

However, in order to start a successful e-commerce business, you should have products. However, you can also start if you don’t have products.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to promote other vendor products or services. While they will grant a commission to you upon the successful selling of each product or service.


Once you have planned out your niche it’s time to select domain name as well as hosting. Domain name is the name of your website while hosting is space where your website will be stored i.e. a distant computer or server.

Remember to go with the Exact Match Domain (EMD) rather than Partial Match Domains (PMD). For example, if you planned out to start a laptop E-Commerce store you can pick up the EMD domain name like However, PMD Domains are long term and will last for long.

Same is the case with hosting you have to select hosting while keeping plenty of factors in mind like the speed of the server, its bandwidth, its uptime, security and others such factors.

Tips and Tricks to enhance your e-commerce Sales

Create Interactive Content by rephrasing it

Create the content of your website in such a way that it allows the readers to take action on your website i.e. your content should be informative to such an extent that it delivers full and relevant information to your customers about your products and services and after reading the article customers are willing to purchase your products or services.

Besides, making your article informative, make sure to remove plagiarism from your content. Many people don’t even know about plagiarism because they never heard about it. In simple words, plagiarism is duplication that comes in your content if you just copy paste the content. Sometimes, it comes because of same thoughts of two writers. However, it is bad for search engine optimization of your e-commerce store.

So, it is recommended to remove this duplication and it is not so difficult. Just search for free online plagiarism checker with percentage on your browser and paste your content in the text box. You will get the percentage of uniqueness and duplication. A useful tip for removing plagiarism from your content is by using free paraphrasing tool available online. These online tools helps in removing any kind of plagiarism in your content.

Also includes video content in your website. As most people prefer to watch videos rather than reading the full-length article of 3000-5000 words.

Easy to Navigate and User-Friendly Website

As your business doesn’t have a physical store in e-commerce therefore your website is all where your customers will see your products, purchase it as well as make transactions. Your website should be able to load in the first 3 seconds else 48% of users will leave your site.

Also you should follow the guidelines of google will creating your website. Your content should be informational rather than commercial. Site navigation should be simple and smooth. Don’t duplicate the content of others. Also have an SSL certificate of your site as customers will not make transactions if your website is not SSL secure.

Have your Social Presence

Have the social presence of your e-commerce business and make it to active on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and others. More than 1 billion users are using Facebook on a daily basis while the number is constantly growing.

Also the customers take Facebook as a secure medium and want to purchase more on Facebook rather than other mediums. Market your business using Facebook, have a page of your business and if possible also make a store of your e-commerce business on Facebook. Using Facebook for promoting your business will make your business viral within a few days.

SEO of your eCommerce Business

SEO is Search Engine Optimization i.e. making your website more active on major search engines. SEO will make your website rank higher in search engines. 80% of peoples does not

Visit the Google second page. Having your website on the top page of Google will add fuel to fire to your sales.

Mobile Friendliness

Your website or e-commerce store should be mobile friendly i.e. it should load faster on mobile. Also make the structure of your website mobile friendly i.e. it should look the same on mobiles as on desktops.

Continuously Evolve

Make your e-commerce business to continuously evolve over the years. Have your limits up to the sky. If your e-commerce business has successfully make $1000 in its first month after release your next goal should be $1500. Continuously evolve your business over the years have a team working under you, make loyal customers and also enhances your website and business from technical perspectives.


We have discussed the e-commerce in detail. Also guided you on how you can start your e-commerce business as well as also suggest you some useful tips to start your e-commerce business. It is recommended to follow all of the above-mentioned steps as the steps mentioned above relate to our own experience.

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