The Top Trends Impacting eCommerce in 2019

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Technology continues to push forward, and the Internet is expected to play a bigger role in commerce in 2019 than ever before. Thus, it is vital for eSellers to recognize the most impactful trends affecting online businesses.

The following is an overview of some of the top trends in eCommerce heading into 2019 so you can adapt your business to leverage them successfully.

More Same-Day Delivery

Customers expect to get ordered items faster than ever. Even Amazon’s free two-day shipping option takes too long for people ingrained with the ability to buy now and get now. Look to sell via shopping platforms that provide hyper-fast delivery options, including same day or one-day shipments. Free shipping and discounted shipping enhances the value in the minds of online shoppers as well.

Large Base of Mobile-Only Shoppers

Mobile-first shopping is giving way to mobile-only shopping in some parts of the world. In China, for instance, the majority of consumers will only shop online via a mobile device in 2019. This trend continues the importance of a website, app or shopping platform that caters to the distinct needs of a mobile user base.

Increased Use of Mobile Pay Systems

Even though contact-less mobile payment only accounts for a tiny percentage of total online sales, they are expected to exceed $1 trillion in 2019. Google Pay and Apple Pay are the dominant mobile-payment systems. Giving your shoppers the ability to leverage these tools creates a slight advantage with a significant user base that is worth your time.

Customer Experience Remains Job One

With the ongoing emphasis on the role of technology in eCommerce, don’t lose sight of the fact that customer experience has been and continues as the key to competitive success. Customers have almost limitless options in eCommerce.

With the focus on price online, it is challenging to retain customers and build loyalty. The only way retention is possible is by delivering a superior customer experience with regard to your online presence, products, service and efficiency.

Automated Customer Service

Speaking of service, it is difficult for small eSellers to put in the time necessary to exceed customer expectations. Thankfully, automated service software continues to gain traction. Service bots are expected to account for nearly 85 percent of online service by 2021. Chatbots leveraging artificial intelligence engage your shoppers with personalized communication on site, while freeing you up to manage other aspects of the business.

Access to Better Machine-Learning Ad Platforms

Google and Facebook are in a race to advance machine-learning with their advertising platforms. Rather than creating and managing your ads manually, create headlines, descriptions and landing page options and let these powerful platforms determine which combination is most sensible for each individual user.


These are some of the most critical trends for eSellers to keep track of as the calendar changes to 2019. Fail to consider these, and you could lose out to competition. Adapt and integrate these things into your business and improve your odds of winning on the eCommerce battlefield.

Source: Payoneer’s Blog

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